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June 10, 2021 / subramanyam

Consciousness & Dreamless Sleep according to Vedanta and Science

A very nice post by my friend on Advaita


According to Vedanta, the fundamental nature of this universe is consciousness and everything else is a manifestation of it. Correspondingly, your true self is consciousness (atman) and the manifestation is ego-self (ahankara). Awareness (I know I exist) comes to us as a function of having this consciousness in us. Awareness is what develops when consciousness goes into the subject-object relationship with itself or with objects around it, the subject being pure consciousness and the object being the manifestation of consciousness – thoughts, memories, feelings and emotions. This subject-object relationship is what produces the awareness that “I exist”. When you deeply think about what is the ‘I’ we refer to, it appears that it is just the accumulation of memories, feelings, experiences, and emotions that you internalized as a function of the mind over the period. You’re the same self that you were as a child, but…

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