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July 14, 2017 / subramanyam

The Best PM’s of India.

There was a question in Quora which asked for the best PM from 80’s till date.  I wrote and answer and  I liked what I wrote .  I am reproducing the answer here.

Here is my order of these Prime Minsters from the best to the good.

  1. P.V. Narasimha Rao: He took a lot of bold decisions with a minority government. Steered India out of Balance of Payment Crisis, gave a new direction to the economy, did away with the license raj, brought the biggest industrial reform in the country, pushed for the Electrification of Railways,brought in look east policy, steered us close to US and Israel.  Doing  all this without a majority in the house is incredible.  Hence he is the best.
  2. Atal Bihari Vajpayee: Modernized the military, changed the face of the country with the golden quadrilateral project, presided over Pokhran II, won the war of Kargil, made the US an ally, gave a big boost to the relations with Israel, gave a big boost IT sector of India. Created new states without much fuss. Changed the dynamics of SAARC forever. Brought in the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act. Kept check on terror with POTA. Gave someone like Kalam as the president to all of us.  The fact that he did all this with less than 190 MPs makes him great.
  3. Narendra Modi: Quite early to speak (his tenure as on date is three years only). The best doer India has ever got. A lot of game changers in the last three years. Probably the first PM to have given a clean energy to more than one crore families. His track record on Infra is too good. The PM who is getting electricity to all villages in India. We might have that done in next few months. Got GST implemented, OROP implemented, took the awareness on sanitation to new heights. If he is successful in having foreign defense companies to make weapons in India, he would have done something that was only dreamt of. He is heading a corrupt free govt, and that in itself is a big achievement. Demonetization and digital push to the economy are also huge measures that are changing the face of the economy. He is picking from where Vajpayee Ji left when it comes to military modernization, That too is an achievement in his kitty.  Then the surgical strikes, the way he is trying to reform the bureaucracy, the way he is shaping foreign policy, the defense deals, having the US president as the Chief guest on Republic day, having entire ASEAN leaders as the chief guests for the next Republic day.  Many good things.  The reason I rate behinf PV and Vajpayee is the fact that he has an absolute majority which those leader did not have.
  4. Indira Gandhi: The victory on Pakistan and creating Bangladesh is a big win in her kitty. Stopping the privy purses too was a great move.  She took India close to the Soviets who were one of the biggest world powers then.  However, her regime killed institutions, she imposed emergency too, and that is the only reason why I rate her less.
  5. Manmohan Singh: RTI and Nuclear agreement with the US were definitely the biggest wins of this Prime Minister. However, the less is spoken about his second term, the better. He presided over some of the worst decisions in the history if the nation. His lack of control on the scams and some of the very badly executed decisions like AP bifurcation pull him down from the place he was destined to,   in the political high table
  6. Rajiv Gandhi : This man wasted the mandate he got.  Many ill informed decisions by him brought the downfall of the nation.  His policies were in a way responsible for BOP crisis, fiddling with the elected government in J&K could have been avoided, intervention in Shah Bano was a big mistake, then the Shilanyas in Ram Janmabhoomi, a lot of mistakes by this man.  I some how believe that he had good intentions but was influenced by the wrong set of people.

I intentionally did not take into the tenures of V.P. Singh , Chandrasekhar , Deve Gowda and I.K. Gujral as none of them were in power for more than an year.


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