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May 1, 2017 / subramanyam

UK’s new problem.

At the outset, my intention is not insult anyone or religion.  However, if some one abuses others using their religion that is definitely unacceptable to me.  That is the sole reason behind this post. 

Now Check this video, look at the way this man was speaking about the way he wants the people in London to be dressed. This is shocking to say the least,  Is this what happens when a community turns into the majority in a place.   Why won’t the laws of land apply there ?

Look at the audacity with which this man speaks to the reporter who is trying to interview him.  Can the UK act against these maniacs who are trying to control the life of others just because they have become a majority in one place.

Then we had this fight in the train where the women  were commented upon and abused.  Good that those women fought back.

Here is what person who put up the video wrote as description for the video.

Excluding all of these racist comments that some bigoted idiots have put online, I must reiterate that I was there and it all started when the white girl noticed the somalian girls steering at her and making comments under their breaths, after a while the white girl asked them, ‘Why do you keep on looking at me?. The Somalian girls responded by saying, ‘We’re free to look at whoever we want’, the 2 parties then started arguing about this for nearly 10 minutes and neither of them backed down. After a while the white girl said ‘ I’ve dealt with many people like you and I won’t be intimidated’. When the Somalian girls heard the White girl say ‘People like you’, they assumed she was talking about their religion or race, they then said’ What do you mean people like us? Somalian? Muslim?? Well you’re nothing but a ‘White Slag’. When I heard the term ‘White slag’ I was shocked and that’s when I started filming. To be honest, I filmed this to show the ignorance of people. Ignorance knows no colour or religion.

I concur with her that Ignorance is playing a big role in this sort of situations.  However, I believe that brainwashing people that they belong to a superior faith and everyone else is inferior is also playing a huge role in this sort of incidents.  This is an alarming situation that Britain has got to deal with immediately,  else things are bound to get out of control for the nation.


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