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April 23, 2017 / subramanyam

India is getting ‘Modi’fied

Here is a quick update on NDA’s achievements over the last 2 years and 11 months. 
Promise of 2014 as you asked for – In Numbers (3 Year Statistics) –
1. Villagers asked for Good Roads – 1,20,653 KMS constructed
2. Cities asked for Highways – 22 KM per day averaged in 3 years
3. Indians asked for Sanitation (Bathrooms) – 4 crore + Toilets constructed leading to 62% coverage
4. Women demanded LPG – 6.87 crore LPG Connections given out of which 2 crore given to poor FREE leading to 71% coverage.
5. Indians demanded complete Financial Inclusion – 30 crore Jan Dhan Accounts Opened.  More than 6000 crores of money back in the banks due to this.
6. Traders asked Funds – MUDRA gave funds to more than 6 crore People worth 5 lakh crore till Now.
7. Youth asked for smooth financial Transactions – Government gave BHIM App, Aadhar Enabled Devices, 2.2 million POS Machines
8. Indians shouted – Tackle Corruption
Government linked all Government Services to Aadhar.  4.2 crore Fake Ration Cards Stopped.   3.16 crore Fake MNREGA Job Cards removed, 3.3 crore Fake LPG Connections removed and 87 Such Government System combined to Aadhar and saves more than 50,000 crore Money to Government.
9. People asked for Electrification
13,000 Villages out of 18,452 Villages Electrified are Now getting Electrified.  Almost 250 villages getting electrified per week.
10. You asked for Energy Conservation
23 crore LED approx Done, 15 lakh + Street Lights changed
11. Youth shouted Why Not Renewable Energy ? – Government responded Roaring with 10 GW Solar Energy leading Renewables to 50 GW Energy approx.
12. People wanted Transparency
Government made whole Government Online – All Auction Online, All Procurement Online – Every Program and Scheme Online
13. Farmers asked – What is for us ?
Government said – National Crop Insurance (Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bheema Yojana) to safeguard You from Any kind of Damage – 3.3 crore Farmers Joined.  All they need to pay is 1.5% to 2% and they are insured against all damages,  this includes natural disasters like earthquake and all too.
Government said – National Agriculture Market – E NAM – Over 2 crore Farmers are getting Good Prices for their Produce 300 Mandi Gets connected
Government said – Get Soil Health Card 5 crore + Farmers get Soil Health Cards
Government increased MSP and Build Chain of Cold Storages and Food Processing Units all across Nation. Government target to double their income.
14. Soldiers asked What You did for us – Government said – OROP fulfilled, Amount of money given to Martyr increased by 1.5 times. New Missiles, New Warships, Bullet Proof Jackets, New High Quality Guns and Most Importantly Free Hand !!
There are many such things – Everyone must with facts analyse and compare it with previous Government Performance. This Government is far far ahead in Performance compare to any Government of Past History.
But As PM Narendra Modi says – This is New India, New Aspiration, New Ambition, New Heights, Miles To Go Miles To Go, Yes Miles To Go !!
This government will keep on setting the benchmark and raising the bar.
Source : Received as a whatsapp forward.  I checked some of the facts and added a few extra details.  The data that is available in the public domain seems to be only that of 2016, in some cases we donot have  data till Dec 2016 too.  Hence some of the numbers here seem to projections based on the last years numbers.   However, they seem to be in line with the achievements of the last year. 

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