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April 8, 2017 / subramanyam

Disappointed Babu Garu..

In the cabinet expansion/reshuffle that happened early this month 4 MLA’s who won on the ticket of YSRCP have been made ministers in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This came as a rude jolt for me.

Here are a few areas in which I intend to question the move.

On Legal Grounds.

In India, you win an election based on a party symbol and not individually (unless you contest as an independent). Hence an MLA is bound by the anti-Defection where he/she cannot switch loyalties as per his/her whims and fancies. You need at least one-third of the legislature party to break out, and only then they can call themselves as a group and support another party of their choice.

Here we did not see 1/3rd of YSRCP defecting into TDP. YSRCP has also complained against the defecting MLAs. They are seeking disqualification for these MLA’s. In fact, MLA’s are not even supposed to vote against the party whip, then how can they become ministers when their own party is seeking their disqualification?

Moral Grounds

Wasn’t it the same TDP and the same Naidu who questioned such moves when they happened in Telangana? When you questioned such moves why are you doing the same? We were the victims of this and lost the entire Legislature party in Telangana. Now, why are we doing this and losing the high moral ground?

From a party member’s view point.
Dhulipala Narendra a five-time TDP MLA did not get the chance to get into the cabinet, so was the case for Payyavula Keshav who was the voice of the party for some good amount of time when the party was in opposition. Same is the case with Gorantla, Chintamaneni and many others. However, they all were ignored, and some people who just jumped in got the ministries. What message does this send? Why should anyone stay loyal to the party that overlooks loyalty for immediate political gains?

While I still believe that Shri Chandrababu Naidu is the best man to lead AP.   I just cannot imagine a Jagan or a YSRCP to take over AP.  As on date CBN is the best man to lead, he is doing many things right for the new state of Andhra Pradesh.  However, this is a real wrong move.  I am really disappointed at what has been done in the recent cabinet expansion. Hope TDP does its course correction soon.


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