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April 7, 2017 / subramanyam

Jogendranath Mandal’s Resignation

Partition of India was probably the worst thing that has ever happened to the people of the subcontinent. The misguided zeal of few individuals ensured that the subcontinent is forever in a perpetual state of war.

While a good number of Muslims chose to stay back in India, an Indian Hindu Leader moved to Pakistan to make it his home. He was Jogendranath Mandal. A follower of Ambedkar, Jogendranath believed that Jinnah’s Pakistan would help the oppressed scheduled caste people of India.

However, he got fed up with the system quite early. The attacks on Hindus in general and the attacks on Dalits pained him. He left Pakistan in 1950 and returned to India and lived a life of a commoner.

His resignation letter is an interesting read, it speaks about the misguided zeal of the founding fathers of Pakistan. The way atrocities were committed on the Hindus, and the way the State gave its tacit support to these activities are well mentioned in the letter.

Do read the letter when you find some good time. Here is the link to his resignation letter.


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