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December 26, 2016 / subramanyam

Retro of 2016

The habit persists… and here is the sixth retro in a row.

As ever let me start with the standard disclaimer. This post, another retro of my life, might drive you nuts as it has no important info other than the good bad and ugly of Subbu in 2016. Hence, think twice and act wisely before you continue reading.

2016 has been one of the most eventful years for me.  I would never forget this year in my life.  While a majority of my days were filled with frustration and a sense of despair, I did have days on which my joy knew no bounds (very few) and also had days that taught me a lesson or two.  I faced some of the biggest and toughest challenges this year and I also had some of the happiest moments of my life this year.

Good Habit I started this year:

Not too many good habits in this year, but yeah I am indeed prioritizing things in a better way, however wanting to have a big bang change in my life on this front and this is not happening.

I am taking mentoring seriously and am working on improving myself on the front of prioritization and organizing myself.  Hope this would work out for me this time.

I am also taking time out to read more non-fiction and this to me is a considerable improvement.

Started reading some classics, I am also reading some of the best books in Telugu.  This indeed is a great feeling.

I am becoming more health conscious and started some physical exercise (Walking to be precise),  I am doing it on and off.  Need to make it a regular habit going forward.

Old habits that persist:

Laziness, procrastination, and talkativeness. I am improving on them but then again leaps and bounds to cover.

Making progress on Procrastination too, but talkativeness is something I really am unable to control.

I start things, but I stop them.  I want to improve on this front.

Moment(s) of the Year:

The day I got my new job,  it came to me after a lot of struggle, and I was ecstatic after getting it.  Thanking the Almighty for this.  It was his Sheer Benevolence.

My Brother-in-law and his wife drove for some 520 KM to meet me just for a few hours.  I was really ecstatic that day.

Catching up with old friends Reeju, Rekha, Sai, Alpha and Subhashis.  It was indeed awesome.   Those three days were indeed some of the best days of my life.

Being the flag bearer of the Indian National Flag at Confluence.  The semi-annual conference of ToastMasters of District 98.  That was one of the best moments of my life.

Spending time and learning from a champion speaker. I got to spend a great deal of time with a champion speaker and the learning was indeed awesome.

Watching your kid grow is one of the biggest joys of life and am experiencing it. It comes with its price and consumes its own good time of yours, but no qualms. One smile from her and the happiness flows.  So every moment here is a moment to treasure.

Good things that happened to me:

The all benevolent  Almighty gave me a chance to visit some of the most important pilgrimage places in India.  That was the best thing that happened to me this year.

With God’s grace,  I was able to win the district level in this year’s ISC.  He was benevolent enough to take me to Washington and let me compete with some of the splendid international speakers.  Would be indebted to Him for that.

Life is teaching me a lesson or two about family life and the responsibilities. Learning it in my own way and own pace.   Sometimes, I was extremely frustrated due to some issues in the family, but they made me come out wiser.
Reading :
I completed a decent set of books this year, Here they are:
1. The Peshwa
2. Half Lion.
3. 1991: How P.V. Narasimha Rao transformed India.
4. Dawn at Dusk
5. The Madurai Sultanate
6. The Unreal Elections
7. Old History and New Geography
8. Diary of Female cricket Fan.
The following books in Telugu
9.  Rakoyi anukoni Atithi
10. Jailu
11. Bharya Gunavati Shatru
12. Rakta Sinduram
13. Leader
14. Nallanch Tella Cheera
15. Ladies Hostel
16. Korikale Gurralaite.

Professional life:
Joined a new organization.  Getting used to the things there.  Not much to speak as I do not know many things.

Blogging :
I wrote only 26 posts this year, much less than the usual 100+ posts I write every year.   This is something I really want to improve in the next years.  I almost left the blog untouched and it was Chandra who reignited the passion. Thank you very much, Chandra.

Most embarrassing moment:
The moment someone tells you that you are not doing enough to be called good.  I had that moment last year and I am having it again this year.   That was embarrassing.

Things I did not like about myself:
Almost a  copy paste from last year,
the only improvements were in the time spent with family and the food discipline.
Poor planning for things, that kept me in a tight spot quite a number of times. 

Then, using office time for personal work. I improved the pace at which I work in the office, but I am sure that’s not enough. I am gradually losing touch with friends.
Again no exercise ….. the list simply goes on…. I wish to correct most of them next year; lets see what 2017 has in store for me.
Wishing one and all a very happy new year 2017.


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