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December 6, 2016 / subramanyam

May you attain Sadgati

 I have always had mixed feelings about the politics of Madam Jayalalithaa.  I like some of her qualities, do not like some of the things that she did, but I  respect her for whatever she has achieved in her life.

I hated the corruption of the lady in the 90’s.  I did not like the revengeful attitude she displayed when she won in 2001.  I did not like the freebie culture and many other things that Madam Jayalalithaa did.

It was in 2004 that I began appreciating her work. I liked her administrative skills by looking at the way she handled the relief and rehabilitation work post-tsunami in TamilNadu.  She was on her toes and got the work done. Without the present day technology, it was a herculean feat that she achieved back in 2004.  Then the way she came back to power in 2011  and the way she kept winning election after election in Tamilnadu made me rever the one and only Purutchi Thalaivi.   From 2011, this  Iron lady has won every election in Tamilnadu, the last time someone did that in that state  was back in the 80’s.  Doesn’t that speak volumes about the organizational and administrative capabilities of the Purutchi Thalaivi?

Above all, I love the indomitable fighting spirit of Madam Jayalalithaa.  She is not one who gives up easily.  Here is a video where the lady shows what she is.  This is a video that is doing rounds after death.  Sad I could not watch it before. However this is what “AMMA”   is all about.


This is how I want to remember the lady who is loved, revered and fondly called AMMA by the masses in TamilNadu.

Respect to you Madam.  May your soul attain Sadgati.

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