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November 29, 2016 / subramanyam

ISIS, Maoists and other Interesting Reads.

Here are some interesting reads.

  1. Why is Kerala becoming a hot bed for terror and ISIS recruitment.  Here is an article from the Guardian.
  2. Was Arnab penalized for taking the position of the right in the News Hour debates ? Here is an interesting article in this regard.
  3. How has India fared under Modi’s regime. Some insights from the Economic Times of India.
  4. Maoists are one of the troubled people in India now.   The ban on big notes has hit them hard. As many as 564 Maoists surrendered this year, of these 469 people surrendered after the note ban.  Here is a link that speaks about this.
  5.  I was a big fan of Fidel Castro in my teens.  He was the revolutionary poster boy for me.  However, there are rumors that he indeed had an extravagant life.   Here are a few links.




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