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May 5, 2016 / subramanyam

Everything You Wanted to Know About Augusta WestLand

Nominating Dr.Subramanyam Swamy to Rajya Sabha might have been a very thought of move by the government.  This untiring crusader against corruption made a rocking entry in the Rajya Sabha and is laying facts threadbare.

The recent Judgment delivered by the Italian Court has spilled trouble for the politicians from The Indian National Congress.   Since Sonia Gandhi’s name came up in this people from this party are up in arms and seem to be rattled.  However, Dr. Swamy being Dr.Swamy has no place for all the niceties in the world and he is calling a spade a spade.

There was a debate regarding Augusta in the parliament and Dr. Swamy took part in this from BJP.  In his 30 minute speech, he spoke about the idea behind acquiring the helicopters, the way it started under Shri Vajapayee ji’s govt, the way things changes after 2004 when UPA took over. He spoke about the way NDA under Vajapayee ji did not buy helicopters when there was a single vendor.  He then spoke about the way UPS changed the rules to suit Augusta Westland in 2006.

He spoke about the various irregularities that took place in this deal.  The field trials were done on another chopper, the specification for the cabin height was increased to help Augusta, the specification regarding the height at which the chopper was supposed to fly was also changed to suit Augusta etc.. He then spoke about the money transfer that took place and gave the details of the bribes.  Then he even went on speak about the media management that was done in this case.  All in all an awesome speech by Dr.Swamy. Do watch it.

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