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March 30, 2016 / subramanyam

India needs freedom —- from Inefficiency,Mediocrity and Incompetence

This perhaps is the best speech I have ever heard from a film director.  I was able to connect to each and every word of his speech.  India needs to  grow economically, the per capita income of every Indian needs to rise, India needs to create professionals who excel at their job and create wealth for the nation.

Indians have spoken enough about poverty, it’s time the young Indians work on eradicating. How do we do this, a nation that celebrates mediocrity is bound to be poor.  There are forces in the country that shed tears at poverty but do nothing to eradicate it.  What’s worse is the fact these people stop the rest from moving forward, in the name of socialism, in the name of social justice and equality for all these people actually try and crush the aspirations and dreams of the young people.

I did not expect these points to be raised by a film director.  Happy that there is a film that is made to highlight all this.  Here is what the director spoke at the film premier.

Here is the trailer of the movie.  I am waiting for this movie to be released.

Hope the film would be as good as the trailer.

Jai Hind.

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