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February 15, 2016 / subramanyam


A few days ago,  I and my wife were near the DLF signal in GachiBowli Hyderabad.  We were waiting for the signal to turn green so that we can cross it.  We were waiting at the signal line and the footpath that is designated for the pedestrians to cross was just in front of us. It being a Sunday there was not much of traffic and we were enjoying the winter sun.

A few moments later  a Pulsar bike stopped beside us, there were 3 men on the bike (triple riding).  Looking at them one can make out that they were having a good time.  Their loud peels of laughter indicated that they were cracking jokes.

In a few moments we had the alarm that indicates that it would our turn next.  This sound is an indication that the pedestrians need to cross over and the vehicles would get a green in a few seconds.  Then we had this lady who was huffing and puffing her way infront of us. She wanted to cross the road in those few allotted  seconds and thanks to her weight she had to run across the road to make it in time.

These guys who were beside us on the Pulsar were making disgusting comments on her. “Hey babe , you can make it come on” , “It just a little over weight baby else you look great”, “Oh, its operator overloading on your knees, don’t put so much pressure on them etc ..”.

By the time she made it to the other end, we had got the green light.  I and my wife somehow stayed back to the corner of the road and were watching the lady. She turned back and gave sad look at the boys, the pulsar had already sped by that time.

The look on the lady’s face unsettled me.  Who are we to call a person fat ?  Does any one invite obesity into his or life?  People put on weight for various reasons, harmonal imbalance, stress eating , the aftermath of  pregnancy etc… Obesity in itself serves a big blow to the  self confidence of a person. Who are we to increase the pain of the person who is already suffering ?  Who knows the person whom we call fat might be the person who spends hours and hours trying to cut down his/her weight.  Who are we to attach labels and make fun of people ?

As it is rightly said , No one understands the pain of others till  they walk a mile in others shoes.



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