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February 14, 2016 / subramanyam

Can you Vacate it ? Please …

Vacate the Bunglow , Please … These seem to be the words that are making rounds through the bunglows in Luytens, New Delhi.    The Modi Sarkar has issued to notices to many  people who are over staying in their plum bungalows/spacious apartments in the prominent posh localities of  New Delhi.   These people have over stayed in the accommodation given to them by the Government of India.  The government has given them the bungalows for a time period of 3 and in some cases 5 years, however, some of these people have been staying in these bungalows/ apartments for decades now.  Modi Sarkar is trying to put an end to the misuse of the Government’s property and hence the door was shown to many of these people. Among st the  people who have been asked to vacate the bungalows/apartments are  ex-parliamentarians,  ex-ministers and  artists.

Why is the government doing that ?

Normally the government provides accommodation to all the MP’s and Ministers. This is expected as  the national capital is the place of work for all MP’s and Ministers.  However, when the Lok Sabha term is over it is only natural that these people should hand over the house/bungalow back to the government so that fresh allocations can be made.  However, this is not happening and the government is being forced to send eviction notices to them.

Here is a case where an MP’s plea was turn down by the supreme court.

What have the artistes got to do with this?

The Government allots bungalows to artistes for a 3 year period.  Some of them are staying in those accommodations for decades now.  Case in point is the famous painter Jatin Das (fahter of the famous actress Nandita Das)  who is staying in his government allotted house for almost 26 years now.   There are cases where the artistes who took the bungalows/apartments have died and their children are using it.  Here is the link that throws more light into this.

Some even allege that these evictions were one of the main reasons for the intolerance debate that came up last year. Read this brilliant piece on Media Crooks.  This speaks about the powerful IIC lobby (IIC — India International Center) and the way they control the things in the country.

Here is another report on this matter.

To Conclude, aren’t these people supposed to be leading the world by example, isn’t it the moral responsibility of the people to vacate the bungalows/apartments once the term is over.  Isn’t it wrong for them to live on the tax payer money ? Well,  I too might be branded intolerant for asking all these questions.


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