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January 30, 2016 / subramanyam

ISC Tips and Tricks

Winning the  International Speech Contest is the dream of most of the ToastMasters.  This contest brings out the best out of the TM’s worldwide.  Taking part in the contest is definitely a very educative experience as one learns many nuances of making a good speech as they progress from one round to another in the contest.

Recently, I was invited by a ToastMaster club in Hyderabad to deliver an educational session on how to prepare for ISC.  Well, what qualifies me to speak in front of them ?  Nothing to be honest , I did not achieve much on this front but they somehow had the love to listen to what I had to say.  I did contest in ISC two times and learnt a lesson or two about ISC and making a good speech.  I presented my learnings to them in the 45 minute session of mine.

I am attaching the ppt of the presentation I did to them and I hope that it would be of some use to the contestants of this year.

Click on the link  to download the ppt. ISC_Tips_n_Tricks

Please share your feedback.  Wishing the ISC contestants  good luck.


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