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January 26, 2016 / subramanyam

Happy Republic Day.

It was 66 years ago that we adopted the constitution.  The man who presided over the drafting committee must have felt his chest swelling with pride as we Indians promised ourselves Justice, Liberty and Equality for all.  He must have had every reason to be happy as he  came a long way from being an untouchable to the man who was leading his community and many others communities into equality.

Would that man be happy today?  Would that man be happy at the way the country and its people are progressing?  He wanted the annihilation of caste, today the caste lines are deeper than ever.  He wanted reservations for just 20 years and never wanted them to be a tool for playing politics.  Today it is the biggest tool for the politicians and there is a race between the communities to prove that they are backward than the rest.  Would he be happy when he sees even the ultra rich not giving up reservations?  Would he be happy when the deserved leaves India because the reserved walked away with the opportunity?

He wanted a complete transfer of populations at the time of partition, would he ever be happy at the way the minority appeasement is going on in the nation ?  Would the man who wanted an Indic religion even in conversion ever accept the deeds of people who are supporting  terrorists in the name of Dalit activism, minority protection and liberalism?

What would he say about the political vultures and fourth estate that care about deaths of Dalits only when there is a confrontation between Dalits and Hindus.  What will he say to all the people who conveniently forgot the murder of Sawan Rathod just because he was killed by 3 Muslims.  What would he say about the Dalit activists who are becoming pawns in the hands of politicians, terror apologists, and the missionaries?

Finally, what would he say about the people who have reduced him to the status of a Dalit Icon instead of an Icon of India and are playing politics in his name? What would he say about the fake atrocity cases that are being put in to settle scores? Finally what would he say about the  increasing  sense of entitlement that is prevailing among many Indians today?

Well, I don’t know  answers to all the questions. I would only say this,  he would ask all the Indians to go back and read about the fundamental duties of a citizen twice or thrice before he /she speaks about the fundamental rights granted by the constitution.   He would definitely ask about the responsibility each  citizen has towards the nation.

He opposed and fought what he felt was incorrect in his lifetime and he would ask all of us to do our duty in creating a united India that ensures Justice, Liberty, and Equality to all its citizens.  For that, one needs to read more and more about the fundamental duties of Citizens of India.  Starting that on the 67th Republic Day isn’t a bad idea.

Great Citizens create Great India. This holds true for Dalits, non-dalits, minorities, majorities and everyone. It’s time we forget our differences and become one to create the nation that India deserves to be.  That was what our founding fathers have always wanted.  In the search for our rights we are missing our fundamental duties as citizens of India.  It’s time we think about them.

    Wishing you all a very  Happy Republic Day.

Jai Hind


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