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January 24, 2016 / subramanyam

The Unreal Elections — My Take

This was long overdue.  I was too busy when the book got released in 2014.  Every time I visited  The Unrealtimes site, I used to think of buying the book but postponed it due to some reason or the other. Finally, I bought the book during the end of 2015 and had some of the best laughs of my life.  Here is the blurb of the book that made me laugh out loud.

At the risk of offending you a little, India s funniest bloggers would like to hold forth on:

Why Narendra Modi s favourite movie is The Lion King516bVmur5RL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_

What happens to Arnab Goswami s milkman when he tries to cheat him

How Sonia G reshuffles her Cabinet with a little help from Britney Spears

Why Kejriwal cant get rid of his shawl in the Delhi summer

What fills Manmohan Singh with rage

Why Ravi Shastri must moderate the prime ministerial debate And what all of this has to do with the most Unreal Elections of the Summer of 2014 …

The book starts with the incidents in middle of 2013, the Grand Old Party of India is in neck deep crisis thanks to the political mismanagement of family.  The scamsters have run amock and that dented the governments credibility in an irreversible way.  The loyalists are working hard to improve their image in the eyes of the family. The crown prince is trying to take his job seriously but it is not showing results.  The wise old man is almost looking very uninterested in his job.  Electoral reversals in the states are a worrying trend and the party is unable to arrest the decline.

The challenger to the Grand Old Party also has a similar story to say, the old man has become too old to lead , but he refuses to accept this.  The leaders of the party in both the houses of the parliament sorely lack the national appeal.  All these are stopping the party from benefiting from the anti-establishment sentiment prevailing throughout the nation.

The third alternative is looking like a pipeline dream for the nation.  Most of the regional satraps have conflicting interests and that’s increasingly becoming a bane for the formation of the third front.  The man heading India’s left wants to create a co-operative 3rd front government that lasts its full time and that looks likes a mirage right now.

This book is a hilarious take on the way these three forces compete with each other for the glory in 2014 elections.  It is a laughter riot from page 1 and humor gets better as you keep reading.  The authors model book around an ODI cricket match and they bring in Ravi Shastri as the commentator.  His commentary and quotes are indeed the icing on the cake.

Things I liked the most in the book.

  1. The way Kejri’s career gets a boost.
  2. The way the Gujarati Strong man stops the blog post of BJP’s patriarch.
  3. Rajnath’s sleepless nights to find a suitable PM  candidate for BJP.
  4. Aiyar’s comments to prove his loyalty.
  5. Rahul’s speechwriters and the hilarious attempts to arrive at a speech that connects.
  6. Sonia’s cabinet reshuffle and Manmohan Singh excusing himself
  7. Karat’s Tamil and PM aspirants from the third front.
  8. Nitish’s social engineering and the demands of the 3rd front.
  9. The realizations for Modi and Rahul at the end of the book.
  10. The troubles and travails of the biased media.
  11. The best of all, Shastri’s recipe and quotes these are rofl moments.

The things that could have been done better

  1. The book has a great start, however, the humor becomes monotonous as we progress.  The person reading would start by laughing out loud but then its only a smile that he would be able to manage as he reaches towards the end of the book.  the authors should have ensured that the humor is  sustained.
  2. The debate between the contenders for the top job starts high on promise and ends on a low decibel laughter, that could have been handled in a better way.
  3. A little more from Shastriji perhaps could have helped all of us.  I realized his funny side only after becoming a regular reader of the Unrealtimes.


All in all an excellent book that brings out great humor by joining politics and satire. Do read it.  You are assured of a hearty laugh as you read it.


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