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January 14, 2016 / subramanyam

AP gets 2.34 Lakh Crores

The state bifurcation has left the residual state of Andhra Pradesh  with a huge void to fill.  We had to start the journey as a state with the capital inside another state.  We began the journey with a Revenue deficit of 15000 Crores.   There were reports that the center gave some 12000 crores last year to fill in the revenue deficit.  However, we did not have any huge allocations in the budget speech in the last Feb and the people of AP  were disappointed.

There is a huge feeling in AP that we are not getting anything from the center. Recently one of the parliamentarians from AP said that AP was not getting the required help from Center.  However, the facts and figures show otherwise.  The center has given AP more than 2 Lakh crores in the last eighteen months.  Here are the Stats of what the ministers /central agencies have given to Andhra Pradesh .

1.  Nitin Gadkari  —- 65,000 Crores  —- Roads and Highways
2. Venkayya Naidu —  4,000 Crores     —- Construction of 2 lakh houses
3. Anant Kumar  —–50,000 Crores  —- Petro Chemical Complex
4. JP Nadda           —- 20,000 Crores    — Medical Devices Park
5. N.S. Tomar        —- 38,500 Crores   —  Expansion of Vizag Steel Plant.
6. Piyush Goyal    —– 10,500 Crores  —  Solar Power
7. Piyush Goyal    —– 30,000 Crores  —  NTPC
8. Dredging Corp —–  1800  Crores
10. NDRF, NMM ——-  1000 Crores
11. Venkayya Naidu —  1800 Crores   —  Capital City

Total  Money      —- 2,22,600 Crores .

If you add the grant for the revenue deficit that would go up to 2.34 lakh crores.

These are the grants/ investments I got to know from the papers, there might be more of this kind which I am not aware of.

This apart we have the following educational institutions sanctioned for AP.
1.  IIT  – Tirupathi
2. IIM  – Visakhapatnam
3. NIT – Tadepalligudem
6. Tribal University  — Vizianagaram
7. National Academy of Customs Excise and Narcotics —  Anantapur
8. Petroleum University  — Rajahmundry
9. School of Architecture  — Vijayawada

Then we have the airports sanctioned for
1. Bhogapuram
2. Kurnool
3. Nellore.

Thanking center for the help it is doing to AP.  Investments/Grants worth 2.3 lakh crores in less than 20 months of governance is a great thing.  The governments in the Center and the state of AP worked really well to get to this stage.  While we do hear praise for Naidu and his work in AP, we are not hearing the same for the center.  The media also is not highlighting this.

There is a lot that needs to be done for AP. Polavaram and the construction of the new capital might need more than a Lakh crores.  Then we have the special status issue that was promised to AP by the then P.M. Shri Manmohan Singh. Looking at the way things are progressing I am sure AP will get everything it deserves from the Center. We indeed are making progress. For now, I think  it’s time the center gets the credit for the work it is doing for AP.

Here are the references from where I picked the stats.


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