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December 30, 2015 / subramanyam

Retro of 2015

The habit persists… and here is the fifth retro in a row.

As ever let me start with the standard disclaimer. This post, another retro of my life, might drive you nuts as it has no important info other than the good bad and ugly of Subbu in 2015. Hence, think twice and act wisely before you continue reading.

2015 has been an eventful year for me.   It started off with a not so pleasant surprise on the 2nd of Jan and made me learn more and more things as the year progressed.  I had days when I was filled with frustration (there were many of them), had days on which my joy knew no bounds (very few) and also had days that taught me a lesson or two. Then, I did  have the regular average 9 hour work days which form the majority and ensure that I have food on the table.

Good Habit I started this year:

Not too many good habits in this year, but yeah I am indeed prioritizing things in a better way, I however am wanting to have a big bang change in my life on this front, this however is not happening.

I changed a food habit or two and am seeing the difference now.

I had this addiction for potato chips  and I wanted to come out of it. From September 2015, I made a vow that I would not buy/eat chips.  I initially started this for a month. Since I was successful I continued it for the next 3 months and was fairly successful at that.  The only time I bought and had them was on 25th December and I did  it as I realized that I did cut down almost 5 kilos of weight.  Well, I was entitled to it wasn’t I ?

I also did cut down heavily on the outside food this year.  That did help me lose my weight and also helped me save some money.  Fine Dining is costly and I learned it the hard way.

I am also taking time to read more non-fiction and this to me is a considerable improvement.

There was a project that I started 2 years ago, I restarted it now and am happy I did that.  I shall share the details once I am done with it.

Old habits that persist:

Laziness, procrastination, and talkativeness.. I am improving on them but then again leaps and bounds to cover.

Actually making progress on Procrastination too, but talkativeness is something I really am unable to control.

I start things but I stop them.  I want to improve on this front. I did start with Yoga this year but left it in the middle  I want to restart this in the new year and I also want to be faithful to the goal this time.

Moment(s) of the Year:

I always wanted to visit my ancestral village.  I never got a chance to be there in the last 31 years of my life.  I went there this year and that is the moment of the year for me.

100th book review on the blog.  Could I have asked for more.

Then, I also wanted to do this long road trip from Hyderabad to Srikakulam, I was able to do it this year, Really happy I did it. However, I learned that it could be done better. So I wish to do this again.

Watching your kid grow is one of the biggest joys of life and am experiencing it. It comes with its price and consumes its own good time of yours, but no qualms. One smile from her and the happiness flows.  So every moment here is a moment to treasure.

Good things that happened to me :

The all benevolent  Almighty  gave me a chance to visit some of the most important pilgrimage places in India.  That was the best thing that happened to me this year.

With God’s grace,  I was able to get till the division level  in this year’s ISC.  He made me improve my position when compared to the previous outing, I am very happy about it.

Life is teaching me a lesson or two about family life and the responsibilities. Learning it in my own way and own pace.   Sometimes, I was extremely frustrated due to some issues in the family, but they made me come out wiser.

Reading :

I completed a decent set of books this year, Here they are :
1.  Adultery
2. And the Mountains Echoed
3. Rape Scars
4. The Winners Curse
5. Our Iceberg is Melting
6. Kaamadeva
7. 13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck
8. Ramayana:: The Game of Life:: Shattered Dreams
9. Akarnae
10. Arjun Without a Doubt
11. Hifi in Bollywood.
12. Amen — The Autobiography of Nun
13. The Modi Effect
14. Johnny Gone Down
15. The Seeker
16. The Surrogate Author
17. Return of the Hypotenuse
18. The Aryan Invasion Theory:: The Final Nail in Its Coffin
19. Business as Usual
20. Great Leaders Grow
21. Man’s Search For Meaning.
22. Kashmir: The Vajpayee Years
23. Making India Awesome
24. Half Girlfriend
25. Hello Bastar
26. The Tragic Illusion of An Islami State
27. Sister of My Heart
28. The Hungry Tide
29. The Divine Command
30. The Edge of Desire
31. The Best Seller She wrote.

I enjoyed reading most of them. In fact I could finish reading them as I was using public transport to commute to my office. It takes me an hour and a half to reach to my work place and so I used this time to read as I travel in the bus/train.

Some of these books have had an indelible impact on me.  Ramayana :: Shattered Dreams, The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State, Man’s Search for  meaning , Great Leaders Grow  and The Seeker are some of the books I would never forget in my life. Again, I just could not read some of the books that I bought/got for reviews. I hated one of those books. Overall, I did do a decent reading is what I believe.

Professional life :

I took a lot of leaves this year and that had an impact on the work. A lot of issues to resolve and a lot of stuff to learn for me.  I hope to do my best in the next year.

Blogging :

The number of blog posts I wrote this year was slightly less than that of the last year. This year I had more book reviews but also had posts on other things, that is something to cheer about. This year was better than the last year and I wish to continue it the next year too.  The good points that still stand out are that I was asked to review more books.  I really enjoyed it.

Most embarrassing moment :

The moment someone tells you that you are not doing enough to be called good.  I had that moment this year and I will strive to avoid it for the rest of my career.

Things I did not like about myself:

Almost a  copy paste from last year,

          the only improvements were in the time spent with family and the food discipline.

Poor planning for things, that kept me in a tight spot quite a number of times.  Then, using office time for personal work. I improved the pace at which I work in the office, but I am sure that’s not enough. I am gradually losing touch with friends.
Again no exercise ….. the list simply  goes on…. I wish to correct most of them next year, lets see what 2016 has in store for me.

Wishing  one and all a very happy new year 2016.


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