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December 24, 2015 / subramanyam

YSRCP MLA’s Suspension

There is a furore (manufactured/real) in the state of Andhra Pradesh over the suspension of a YSRCP MLA Smt. Roja.   The fact that she was handed a one year suspension from the legislative assembly has not gone well with many people.

Now why would  a government take such an extreme step where they suspend a person of the opposition for an year is the question.  This would definitely increase the sympathy for the opposition and do more harm to the treasury benches.  Then why did they do this ?  What happened in the house that made these people act?

I finally got the video today that shows as to what happened in the house that day.  The opposition members went into the well of the house and started abusing the  members in the governing party.  Well, agitating in the well of the house is not new in India.  Normally when people get to the well, they shout slogans and make demands.  In this particular case they were abusing others in a language that would not go well with anyone.  Please watch the video and you would know that.


Look at the language that the people used here. When such a language is used, when an honorable chief minister is abused with the worst form of language, when all forms of decency are done away with?  What are the options that are left for the government.  Shouldn’t the minister for legislative affairs move a proposal for a disciplinary action against the members who create such ruckus?  In this case the minister did move that and the Honorable Speaker did put it in front of the house.  That motion got  passed by a voice vote and the member was suspended.

I am supporting this  act not as a person who likes TDP.  I am supporting this as a person who wants the legislative bodies of the country to function well.  The Legislative Assemblies and the Parliament must set the standards in debates and meaningful conversations when two differing view points come up.  They should never end up as institutions where personal allegations and abusive language rule the roost.

Disciplinary actions of this sort will send a strong message that one cannot getaway after using foul language in the most respected institutions of the country and I welcome them.



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