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December 7, 2015 / subramanyam

Why are these cases not with the CBI?

We all witnessed the brouhaha in the country over the death in Dadri and the killing of Kaliburgi in Karnataka.  In Dadri they said that the killing happened due to beef  and we were told that the intolerant Hindus killed Akhlaq.  Then in the death of M.M. Kaliburgi, it was accused that RSS and right wing Hindu groups were involved. We were told that he was murdered because of his stark criticism of Hindus. Then, the intolerance debate kicked in, Award wapsi happened and the Central government was attacked left, right and center over these deaths.

Things went to an extent where this subject (Intolerance) was debated for a good amount of time in the Parliament. Responding to the debate on Intolerance,  Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh told on the floor of the Lok Sabha that the center is ready for CBI probe in these cases.

As we know that Law and Order is a state subject, the state governments have to refer these cases to CBI and then with the assent of MHA  the CBI will take over. (Please do correct me if I am wrong here.) The center is ready for this, but the states have not given the cases to CBI till now.

In the case Dadri, we were told that Akhlaq’s family did not want a CBI probe.   Here are the links that say that say that  the family does want a CBI probe.

Here is a link  that suggests the contrary.

Now, why would the family refuse a probe into the death of a loved one?  Is there something that is being hid?  Did the family really say this? If they did not say this, why was the spokesperson of UP government saying that the family did not want a CBI probe? The UP government must clear the air and hand over the case to the Central Bureau of Investigation.

I am saying this because there are allegations that this whole thing happened due to a personal rivalry and the communal color was added to this for political reasons.

Here are links to reports that suggest that a personal grudge was the reason for the murder.

This is the reason why I want the UP government to clear the air and hand over the case to the CBI.

Now let us move to Karnataka where author M.M.Kaliburgi was murdered.  He was killed on 30th August 2015. The state government initially told that they would hand it over to the CBI.  Till date it is still not there with them. Here is an excerpt  from Wikipedia on  Kaliburgi’s case.

Having not found any leads, the police, on 31 August, decided to hand over the case to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). However, till the time the formalities would be completed, the police said that investigations would be carried out by Crime Investigation Department (CID).In the course of investigations, the police contemplated a property dispute within the close family circle of Kalburgi.

My question is simple, why was it not handed over to the CBI for good 3 months.  Here is the Member of Parliament from Dharwad, Shri Prahlad Joshi who said it on the floor of the Lok Sabha that the case was not handed over CBI even after 93 days and worse the Karnataka government was removing the funding to the state CID which is handling the investigation.

Serious allegations, aren’t they ?  Why is the Karnatak government taking so much of time to complete the formalities ?  What is their response to these allegations ? The Karnataka government should order for the investigation and come clean on this.

In both these cases state governments are not doing their job correctly and quickly. Law and Order  is a state government subject and investigation falls under that purview. Now, they are not handling this properly . The center wants  the job to be done by the best investigation agency  given a chance.  Now the media, the self styled intellectuals and self appointed protectors of communal harmony in the nation shout on the streets against the center. Irony isn’t it ?

Now, when the center said that they are ready for a CBI probe, when the Home Minister of India himself made this statement in Lok Sabha that he and the government is committed to go ahead with a CBI probe and states are not giving the cases to the CBI. Why is the media not questioning the states ? Why are the self styled intellectuals not questioning the states ? Why are people who did the Award Wapsi silent now ?

After looking at all this, if someone says that all these protests were agenda driven, isn’t he/she correct?   Delaying the handover of cases to CBI would only increase/confirm the suspicion. I personally wish that the state governments of Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka see reason in this and handover the cases to CBI.


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