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November 17, 2015 / subramanyam

Radical Islam Vs the Rest .

To me Radical Islam is the ideology that is practiced by groups like Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, Taliban and others militant groups.  These people are killing others in the name of Islam.  Whether we like it not the final aim of these organizations is to establish an Islamic Caliphate and not something else.  There are many Muslims who do not support this ideology.  Like many people in the world I too call them Moderate Muslims.  Now read the article.

The ghastly attacks in Paris shook most of us. Our hearts bled looking at the ghastly images of the dead.  It hurts the most when the innocents die a painful death.  We have spoken enough till date about terror having no religion and all.  However, it is time to face the truth.  A majority of the terror attacks today are being planned and executed by the adherents of Radical Islam.

First let us have a look at as to how these things are happening ?

How are so many terror attacks happening in the west and other countries ? There should be some support on the ground for the terrorists to carry out the attacks  How did Radical Islam infiltrate into the ranks of the US. How did Radical Islam find its way into the Universities of the Us and how did it change the debate in its favor.   What was the strategy that was used by the adherents of Radical Islam to convert US and Europe in to a hot bed of Terror activities. Here is a nice talk by Brigette.  It is a 45 minute video do you ought to be patient while listening to this.  She speaks about the way these adherents of Radical Islam have penetrated into the US and how they have created groups that further their agenda.  She speaks as to how they are manufacturing dissent and are making Americans stand against America.

I am not sharing this as an Islamophobic or something.  I am only appalled by the scale of destruction these people are managing to do.  Look at what has happened in Lebanon, the country had a Christian Majority, they accepted the Muslims who came in Refugees to begin with, then when they had a sizable population they wanted their own laws and then the country was thrown into a Civil War. In Paris too one of the terrorists was a refugee .

The terror mongers and people who support ISIS might be a minority,  85-90% people might want peace and only peace.  However, these 10-15% of the people are creating a carnage due to which thousands and thousands of people are suffering.

If some one has to stand up against the machinations of Radical Islam, I think it is the moderate Muslims should be the first ones to stand against it.  They ought to  stand against them for they are the first ones who are being used by these terror groups. The radicals are using the moderates to gain the foot hold in the new areas. The moderates need to lead the fight,  for it is their kids who are becoming the easy recruits for people like ISIS. It is the children of moderate Muslims who are ending up as the front line forces for the terrorist organizations.  This must change, the world cannot afford the terror anymore.  For the last twenty years the we have lifted so many coffins of the innocents that our hearts and shoulders are very heavy and hurting.  This is why the world needs to stand up against the Radical Islam and it is moderate Muslims who need to lead the fight.

Today the moderate Muslims form a majority of the Muslims.  While some of them might be fighting the radical Islam, either the fight is not visible or the Radical Islam is winning the fight hands down.  The moderates must help the world by fighting out the terror apologists and terrorists.  A non-cooperation stance with terror apologists and terrorists might be a good beginning point.   If the moderate Islam wins over the hard liners many many issues would be resolved in no time.

I am saying this because the history says that the moderate majorities did not count much. It happened with Germans in the second world war,  it happened with the Chinese in China’s cultural revolution, it happened with the Russians when the Communist Ideology was taking over, it happened with the Afghans during Taliban, It happened in many other places where moderates were in a majority.

This is the reason why the moderate Muslims must pick the cudgels to stop the Radical Islam.  If this is not stopped, the ideology of Radical Islam might end up being the dominant ideology of Islam and that would do more harm than good to the religion and the adherents of it.


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