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October 27, 2015 / subramanyam

The interview that brought Mumbai to stand still

As a kid I grew up listening about this interview.  I did not have the pleasure of watching it directly.  I only heard that when this interview was telecast the roads of Mumbai were empty.   The interview was done in Mumbai and people just wanted to know what Balasaheb said.  This is an awesome interview.

In this interview, shri Balasaheb Thackrey ji speaks his mind out.  He does not mix his words when he speaks about his ideology, politics, controlling the city, communalism and corruption.  He is a fearless man who speaks his mind out.  You ought to to have guts to speak like this.  After listening to the interview, I understood as to why he is called Hindu Hriday Samrat,  I also understood why lakhs and lakhs of Mumbaikars worship him,  going against main stream thought process for what is right requires guts.  He was a man who lived his life by his own terms and showed to the world as to how such life needs to be led.

This is must watch interview for the nationalists of this country.


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