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October 20, 2015 / subramanyam

Amit Shah questions the bias in media

The BJP president did a press conference in Patna on 19th October 2015.   He spoke at length about BJP’s agenda, their plans for Bihar and their expectations in terms of seats.  He clarifies the stand on reservations again.  Then during the Q&A  the journalists ask him about Dadri, reservations and other incidents.  He  assures that BJP does not want to change the existing reservation system. Here again he speaks about development in Bihar.  Then the media comes back to the reservation and Dadri incidents.  Here Amit Shah asks the questions the media by saying  “development is my agenda what is your agenda?”.  He also asks as to why there was not question on Bihar’s development from the media men and as to why all the questions are going around communalism and reservations.

Again a nice interview, do watch it for yourself and you too might get the hint of bias in the media.

It is ironical that these journalists rarely get the numbers on unemployment, on Purchase Power Parity, women safety etc to this sort of press meets,  I am not saying that they won’t, however it is very rare.  We should have debates around these issues and these must be the main issues for elections.  Let us hope that we too would have such debates very soon.

Hoping that Biharis will see reason in his statements and vote for BJP.


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