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October 9, 2015 / subramanyam

Plain Hypocrisy.

So Nehru’s niece Nayanatara Sehgal decides to give up the Sahitya Academy award that she got some 29 years ago.  The reason, the Prime Ministers silence with respect to the incident in Dadri.  She conveniently ignores the theft angle to the case and goes by what the media reports.  There is a theft angle to this case I wrote about it at the end of the post.

By the by one ought to remember that Sahitya Academy is an autonomous body.  The government has interference in the form that it nominates members to this. I feel that is the reason Nayanatara feels returning the award would be a snub to the government. I would go with the same logic as I am speaking about her in this essay.

Now let us come back to Nayanatara.  Nayanatara Sehgal got the Sahitya Academy award in 1986.  The Prime Minister of the Nation was Shri Rajeev Gandhi.  He was the man who was the Prime Minister of the country when 3000 Sikhs were massacred by the Congress party Loyalists.  What was the response of the then  Prime Minister “When a big tree falls earth shakes..” this is what the P.M. said then.  Nayanatara ji  who has a problem with a Prime Minister’s silence today  had no qualms in receiving the award from the blood stained hands of Rajiv and his government. Irony isn’t it ?

It is in that context that I wish to ask her a few questions.

Nayanatara ji, Your Cousin Indira Gandhi  in the capacity of PM decides to refuse visas to Israelis for the 1982 Asian Games in New Delhi and again for World Table Tennis Championship the same year. Nayanatara ji where were your morals back then .  I know you did not have a sahitya academi award by then but then you as a progressive writer could have launched a movement against that . You chose to be silent.   Why ?

Then again madam her son Rajiv Gandhi whose govt gave you your Sahitya Academy award  prevented our Davis Cup team’s Israel visit citing”it’s atrocities against Palestinians” . This was in 1988 madam, where were you and your co-advocates of liberty ?

Ok, you as mere writer or a common woman might not have been out raged by all this.  But then madam, when scores of Kashmiri Pandits (You are related to Kashmiri Pandits from your mother’s side) hundreds and thousands of  Kashmiri Pandits were driven out of Kashmir in early 90’s you again chose to be silent madam.   Why ? You could have returned this award then. Why couldn’t you do it?

You received your award when a Congress government was at the helm of affairs, the same Congress Govt under the very same Prime Minister decided to act against the poor Shah Bano in 1986.  Why didn’t you return the award then ? Sorry you got it 1986 itself right , you could have delivered a royal snub by rejecting the award then itself.  Again , you could not do that , why ?

Did the Sikhs who were massacred in 1984 get justice till 2014?  The Congress was in power for 20+ years in this period. You did not have a problem all these years with the denial of Justice.  Today you are outraged because a mob killed some one for killing a man who was accused of theft of cow in an area where cattle theft is rampant.  If this is not hypocrisy madam what else can be ?

Madam, you were born in 1927, my parents too were not born then.   I respect you for your age.  This sort of hypocrisy is not expected from a person of your stature. Please don’t score political goals in the burkha of activism.

Here are some truths about the Dadri Incident.

Again, half truths were reported. The killing of a Muslim in Dadri was because of the theft of a cow and calf worth 1.5 lakhs. The mob found the calf’s remains near the house and they went violent. The victim accepted that the remains were from his house but his version was that they were remains of a goat. The mob did not buy into this and they killed him. Killing anyone must be condemned. However, one also needs to know that cattle theft is a big thing in UP. Many people are losing thier cattle and they are enraged about this. Here are a few links in this regard.…/… . Here is a letter from a person in Dadri .…/ Also check the IITians against AAP page that brings the other version.

I am not supporting the killing. I am condemning it. Mob justice is not correct. However, I am only saying that even the theft angle must have been brought out. IT was a murder and the accused people must be brought to book. However when you report this also report about the cattle theft in UP and give the complete picture to the people. That is my only appeal to the media persons.



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  1. ujas1997 / Oct 9 2015 11:27 pm

    Well said !


  2. subramanyam / Oct 28 2015 1:28 pm

    Thank You. Ujas. Keep visiting .


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