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September 13, 2015 / subramanyam

An Awesome Attempt

The enthusiasm displayed by the  young men and women in this country during the 2014 election was unprecedented.  The youth wanted to change the face of the nation and voted in large numbers.  The change is happening and it is very much visible, but then, the transformation that was dreamt of seems to be very far.  This brings us to the question,  why ? Why is it taking more and more time to transform this country?  We are seeing the ministers and bureaucrats are put in more and more hours at work, we see that many new initiatives are coming in, still the transformation is not that evident in the country ? Why is it so? What needs to be done to make India awesome?

 I think this is the question that has prompted Chetan Bhagat to come up with the book “Making India Awesome”.  In the introduction he says that he wants to see the country as an awesome nation.  Why Awesome?  The young men and women of the country use the word awesome to describe something that’s super good.  Hence Chetan too used the word.

Now let us explore the contents of the book.  Chetan Bhagat comes up with the following framework to make this country awesome.


He identifies four  core areas on which we need to focus, the book is divided in to four sections with each part dedicated one of these areas. They are governance, equality, society and human resources.  Each of these sections has essays on issueschetan in these areas.

For example, in the governance category Chetan Bhagat speaks about the political decisions and their impact.  Politics around personalities, corruption, the deep rooted mentalities on Babus, some political decisions like AP State bifurcation etc feature in this section.  Similarly, in the section titled Economy he discusses the issues that plague the country’s economic development.  Some policies of the country lack fiscal prudence, but we see the left leaning intellectuals backing them as if it was the best thing that happened in the country, Chetan counters these arguments and tries to put some good and sensible points in place.   His essays highlight the tighter controls we implement in the market place and argue for more liberal laws.

In the subsequent sections of the book the author speaks about the food habits and the way they are taking a toll on the nation.  He then speaks about the issues concerning women, gays and minorities.  The last part  is dedicated to youth.  The challenges faced by the youth, cut offs, herd mentality, lack of support for experimentation are all discussed here.

After reading every essay, I would pause, I would put my kindle away and think.  Each of the essays is powerful and would make any serious reader sit and think about the problem.  To me that is an achievement for the author.  You cannot,  in fact,  need not give solutions to all the problems.  If you can make people think seriously about the problem you have won half of the battle.  Once the problem and a need for a solution is acknowledged, the quest for the solutions would begin.  Once the young men and women of the country start thinking for the solutions there would be debates and discussions and solutions will start coming in.

As I said in one of my previous reviews, I am happy that some one like Chetan Bhagat is speaking  about issues of this sort.  People will read authors like him, once they read they too would start thinking about these issues and then the probability that these will be resolved goes up.

Do read the book. It would definitely make you think about the problems of the nation.

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