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September 9, 2015 / subramanyam

Mumbai Meat ban, Celebrities and the lessons we can learn.

At times it really amuses me the way people pass on judgments in this country.  There was news recently that meat will not be available in Mumbai on 10th, 13th, 17th and 18th of September.  This is because Jains (People who belong to the Jain religion) have a festival and the city wants to respect and honor the sentiments of Jains.

The reaction of people to this was amazing.  First there were two groups. One, that had a lot media support was condemning this and the other one was defending this meet ban.  Gradually the strength of the former group kept increasing and even celebrities joined the band wagon.  Please check the tweets of Sonam Kapoor and Sonakshi sinha on this one here.

Sonam_tweet (2)How did meat ban become misogynistic Sonam ji ? Two, if I remember correctly she campaigned for PETA previously, so a meat ban is only helping PETA’s cause. Donno if this is a change of heart or if its plain hypocrisy.

Here is what Sonakshi Sinha says on this issue.

Sonakshi_tweetThis link has reactions of various people on this issue.

Now, before you come out with an opinion on this entire thing. Here are a few facts. The Irony here  is that most of the people in both the groups thought that this was a law enacted by the current government.  No it is not. This was a resolution that was passed in 1964 by the then Bombay Municipal corporation. Every year Jains have a 8 day long festival. In 1964, keeping the sensitivities on Jains in mind,  the corporation decided to stop selling meet in its markets and also close down the slaughter houses run by it for 2 days during the festive season.  In 2004 the Congress-NCP regime in the state added tow more days to that. So, the present 4 day meat ban is nothing but a tradition that the city is following since 5 decades or so.  There is nothing new in this.  It is a different story that the Congress party which was in power in both the occasions is opposing it now. Irony must have just died a thousand deaths.

Now,  if you want this ban to be revoked. There is a way to approach that. You might want to formally launch an agitation and get the ban revoked.   It you want to show your camaraderie and give up meat for those four days that great.  However, it is definitely not acceptable when you, out of your own ignorance, make a mountain of a mole hill.  This is not a first time thing and this was something that is being followed for the last 5 decades.  Jains are vegetarians and we are closing a slaughter house on their annual festival.

Before you go  tom-toming that this government is not liberal and it is controlling your life style etc.  Please check if you have your facts  correct.  With out facts you are not just spreading your ignorance but also are confusing the people at large.  Just look at the retweets that happened to both the tweets I quoted.

I am not against Sonam or Sonakshi and their activism.  In fact I respect Sonakshi Sinha’s views on various things.  In this case I just want them to get their facts right.  As for the media who don’t do their due diligence before commenting on various things.  It is our misfortune that we have such a media in this country.  I do not want to generalize this for the media, there are people who did report the truth.  Here is a link from the The New Indian Express.

Last but not the least, this ban is not to placate Hindus. It is to respect the sensitivities of the Jains who are a minority community in the country.  We ought to understand and accept this before accusing people of communalism. Activism is good, but checking the facts and then responding is better.



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  1. Jaigurudev / Sep 14 2015 8:25 pm

    Today we all want to be active on social media, so given an opportunity no one want to miss it.
    So what ever happening is just reaction….whether it is right or wrong ! who care……

    ‘Ishwar Allah Tero Naam Sabko Sanmati de Bhagwan’


  2. subramanyam / Oct 28 2015 1:43 pm

    Yeah sir, the words you have said are 100% true.


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