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September 6, 2015 / subramanyam

A 42 year old dream comes true.

An issue that was lingering for 42 years has been resolved.  The central government has delivered OROP.  OROP stands for “One Rank One Pension”.  This has been an issue that was troubling the Armed forces of India since 1973.

Please click on this link to find out what OROP is all about.,_One_Pension

This was a poll promise of Narendra Modi . Nothing materialized in the first one year of Modi sarkar. The veteran soldiers got distressed and they started sitting on dharnas.  We ought to remember that this issue is there for four decades. They had high hopes on Modi and  the veterans were upset as nothing big was coming out.  Modi then promised them again on 15th August 2015 in the Independence day speech that he would implement this.

Many veterans were not convinced.  They went ahead with the protests.  in some 20 days there was announcement from the government on this.  It was on 5th September 2015. There was a lot of drama since morning. First, the government has made an announcement. The major bone of contention was addressed and OROP became a reality.

This would cost the exchequer some 10000 to 12000 crore rupees per annum.  Then the arrears would also cost them some 12000 crores.  The government said that it would revise the pensions every five years. Then 2013 was taken as the base year for the calculations of this.   The arrears that the soldiers are yet to receive will be given in 4 installments. For war widows,  this would be disbursed in one go.

The govt initially said that  people who take VRS will not be covered under this.

This angered the veterans and they did not like it. In the evening , the government clarified to veterans on the VRS part too and the initial reports suggested that the veterans too were happy with this.

There might be a few other things on which the veterans and govt disagree.  As the key points have been resolved I feel the strike at Jantar Mantar should be over now.  It is sad to see our ex-soldiers protesting.

OROP was an issue for us since 1973. That was the year when the pensions of the defense personnel were cut down. They were promised an “One Rank One Pension” thing then and it materialized now.

Happy to see that Modi Sarkaar cleared a 42 year old issue in 15 months.

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