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August 17, 2015 / subramanyam

This “Return” ensures a smile on your face

Few days ago I saw a video, it was actually “a share” on my FB page.  When I clicked on the link it took me to youtube and there was an amazing video.  Now in the video, there was this physics teacher (in US) who was teaching about the mechanics of a simple pendulum and to prove his point he actually hangs a big pendulum in his class. He then breaks a window pane with it (it’s that big in size) and then puts his life on the wire to explain a law of the the simple pendulum. It, indeed is an amazing video.  Thanks to the creative way, I am sure no one in the class would ever forget that law of simple pendulum.  I, for sure would never forget it.

After watching that video I always wondered as to why teachers back home are not that creative.  There are teachers who 51q-TreERlL._SX307_BO1,204,203,200_drive home the concepts exceptionally well. However, there are a few who almost put students to sleep.   I feel that these concepts of Math and Science must be told in a more interesting fashion and the students must have fun reading them.

One attempt in this regard is made by Sunil Mishra who tries to educate us on Math and Science using poems. Creative, isn’t it  ?  We normally feel that poetry is for the expression of emotions, stories and all don’t we ?  Nevertheless, Sunil breaks the stereotype and comes up with poems to speak about Math and Science concepts.

He starts with “pi” and goes on to speak about many things like squares ,powers, areas, volumes, laws in physics, the uncertainty principles, Newton, Einstien,the atomic table, the elements their importance etc… Awesome work as it covers many things we learn as a part of our High-School.  The poems might not fit to the meter but the essence definitely fills in.  These poems have the concept embedded in them and the short essays that follow them have the explanation and the support material.  This way the author ensured that the message that has been conveyed does sit in the mind of the audience.

For us, who have done our schooling long ago, this would seem like a refresher of the things we have already learnt.  The way the author brought the content out left me with a smile on my face.  I bought a copy so that my kid can learn it the fun way when she grows up.  For the school going kids this might be a different way to learn these concepts.  I feel the parents can read this and explain it to the kids or probably then can “read out” the verses to the kids so that the kids and parents enjoy as well as learn the concepts of Math and Science.

Definitely a very nice book to pick up.  The size of the book is small and hence it is all the way more fun to pick a book like this.  Do read it.  I will leave you with (i) smile on your face and (ii) smart way to teach math and science to your kid.

Happy reading


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