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August 16, 2015 / subramanyam

Weekend Reads :: Stories from the Islamic World.

Here are some stories form the Islamic world.  Some of these are heart wrenching ones.

The first one is from Middle East.  The ISIS is enshrining a theology of Rape.  It’s soldiers are allegedly raping 12 year olds and are saying a prayer before and after that.  They are allegedly claiming that their religion allows them do this. indeed very disturbing isn’t it ? They have also revived  the sex slavery and are quoting that they can do it to the non-believers. I doubt if the Muslims world wide would endorse this.  To me, this perverted logic must go away.  The world should do everything needed to stop the advances of ISIS.  This group is committing one of the most heinous crimes of all times.  Read this article for more details.

Please do spread the word. This is a serious trouble that the world needs to address.

From Middle East lets move to a place in the sub continent where the culture of Middle East is causing problems. The Muslim women in Kerala are having troubles when they are trying to post their pics on facebook.  Yeah, they are having troubles in posting their pics on the social networks. Read this article for more details.

Some Keralites rue that this was not case many years ago.  Some of them have seen more liberal days for Muslims in Kerala.  Wahhabism is coming in from the middle east and that is changing  many things here.

Well, social media and pics are not the only problems the Muslim women of India are fighting.  Here re much deeper ones that the women are facing and fighting.  Here is an article that talks about some of the biggest problems that are confronting them .

We saw the influence of a culture over another, in a previous link. Now, let us see the perspective of Tufail Ahmed who says that this nations western neighbor is still doing its best to eliminate the age old civilization and values from the subcontinent.

Let us do our bit in spreading the awareness.  Atrocity is an atrocity and suffering is suffering. We ought to do out little bit in making the world a better place to live in.


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