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August 16, 2015 / subramanyam

Rare interviews of Modiji

Well, I was doing some casual browsing and was watching some interviews of Naendra Modiji. Suddenly I got to see these  two videos that have been taken some 15+ years ago. He was not in limelight at that time and he was considered as a man who had great operational efficiency.

In the late 90’s the debate on Sonia’s foreign origin was a big one.  Should she be the prime minister or not was a question that was doing rounds in the nation.  So the same question was put in front of Modi and see the way he takes it. Awesome answer.

Then here is a full interview of Modi of those days.  Rajiv Shukla who was a journalist back then did “RU-BA-RU” with Narendra Modi. This is real nice one. Modi did not contest any election till then and was working with the party only. The way he dissects and analyses things is one thing, the way the speaks about his hobbies and interests is another do watch this one.

Another video that does the profiling of him.

Few things just don’t change. His love for technology , his love for books.  He was speaking about that in the video too.


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