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July 29, 2015 / subramanyam

Dispelling the Myths on the Aryan Invasion Theory

It was in my 6th grade (we used to call it class VI back then) when my history teacher taught me about Aryans.  The NCERT text book for class VI  history was called  Ancient India.  We were taught that Aryans invaded this land, they came from Caucasus mountains.  They had fights with Dravidians who were the aborigines of the land etc …

I had my doubts on this theory.  My father made me read the Hindu scriptures and the stories of Rishis and Munis from a very young age.  When I read about Sage Agasthya, when I read about the dating that was done to determine the end of Dwapara Yuga, When I read about the commonality in culture across the length ad breadth of the nation, these doubts grew Aryan_Invasion_Theory_Stephen_Knappin size.  I wanted to know as to why this theory is not challenged when there is evidence that Lord Rama and Lord Krishna lived on this planet, why this was not challenged when the literature that is attributed to Aryans speaks about things only in India. Had they come from a different place they must have at least referred to those places right ?

Stephen Knapp taken on this theory and its proponents in his book “The Aryan Invasion Theory :: The Final Nail in Its Coffin”.  This is very well researched book and it comes up with proofs that counter the claims of “The Aryan Invasion Theory”.  Stephen Knapp tells us about the circumstances in which the theory was brought in.  He speaks about the British rule in India and the troubles the rulers were facing.  Then he speaks about the misguided zeal of some of  Christian Missionaries. Then we see how a theory was born to advance the interests of both the groups.

Stephen Knapp then does the profiling of Max Muller, the man who proposed the theory.  He reveals some secrets and brings to light a few letters that Max Muller has written to his father.  Here we get to see the other face of Max Muller and the reason why he came up with the Aryan Invasion Theory.

The author takes on most of the claims made by the Aryan Invasion Theory and tries to bring out the truth.  For example :  We were told that horse was not native to India and was brought here from the Persia and middle east. The author shows us as to how there is is an indigenous horse that grew in this land and has 34 ribs as against 36 ribs of an Arabian Horse.  The Aswamedha Yaga speaks about the horse with 34 ribs alone.   The author speaks about commonality of the Harappan culture and that of the Aryans.  He takes us to the conclusion where we see that Aryans were a part of Harappans and not some one who attacked them.

We get to dive deep and see that this theory was merely based on linguistics.  Linguistics can be a contributing factor but not a base to come to a conclusion. We also get to know about the famous universities that have already junked this theory.  We get to delve deep into the facts that concern the Saraswati River. Stephen Knapp speaks about the Rig Veda, the hymns that speak about Saraswati River, the drying up of the river, the Mahabharata and its references to the drying up of the Saraswati River etc.  Then, we get to see as to how the historians erred in determining the correct date of Rig Veda in the first place.  From here Stephen Knapp derives the conclusions on how they went wrong with the entire theory as such.

Nice book, very educative read. Do read the book and you would have a new perspective about the History of India.

You can buy the book here :


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