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July 22, 2015 / subramanyam

Of Mao, Sabbaticals, Habits and Bahubali

There are some people (less than 5%) in India who admire Mao. For the uninitiated, Mao Zedong is the founding father of People’s republic of China or rather the Communist China that we see today.  Some of our so called intellectuals  euolize him  and wish to see a man of that sort in the country.  It would be interesting to know that his policies brought in famines in China and Mao himself was a womanizer.  Here is an interesting link on this regard.  This about Mao and the underage girls

All the companies (mostly corporate companies) would have the concept of Sabbaticals.  The option is always there but we rarely see people getting sabbaticals when they want them. Why is it tough to get a sabbatical when we want it ? What are the things that you need to have when you want to get a sabbatical ? Watch to this nice video where Karan Bajaj answers these questions.

We are what our habits are . Having good habits is a sure shot way to be successful isn’t it ?  We all know this and are good at starting off with good habits, are we good at sticking with them. Here is a very nice article on creating successful habits.

I really enjoyed watching Bahubali last week.  It was a visual wonder and it had me glued to the seat.  It probably is one of the movies that I feel like watching again.  One ought to give credit to S.S. Rajamouli and the Bahubali team for doing an excellent job with the film.

However, there would be some people who would see the world with a jaundiced eye. I was astonished to see a review of the film that spoke about casteism and other stuff being depicted in the film.  That made me feel like man what’s this? The review speaks about the landscape not being perfect, the land scape not matching the Dravidian architecture that was shown, has problems with the dressing of the princes when they go in search of spy, has problems with Katappa touching the feet of Bahubali’s son. Then the reviewer speaks of feminism , What and what not.  To me this was a heavily biased review which is filled jealousy and only has venom to spew. Lemme know you thoughts on this.

Here is the review.


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