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July 10, 2015 / subramanyam

The Surrogate Author :: My Take

Many people dream to become authors, yet, only a few of them actually become authors.  Why is it that most people do not become the authors they want to be?  What stops them?  What troubles and travails  stand between them and their first book?  Nice questions, aren’t they?  Getting to know the answers for all of them would be even nicer.  The nicest stuff, however, would be the one that gives the budding writers tips and tricks to overcome these problems.

In their book “The Surrogate Author”, the authors Santosh Avvanavar and Shilpa Patil bring out all this in an interesting Surrogate Author by Santhosh Avvannavar & Shilpa Patilway.  They chose the famous Devdas -Paro and Chadramukhi set up to drive the point.  The budding author is portrayed as Authdas and the Paro is his literary love.  Now who is Chandramukhi ? Who is Sutradharbabu? Who are the other characters and what role do they play? Read the book to have all the answers.

The book discusses the step-motherly treatment the authors receive.  The way people are looked down upon when they say they want to become authors. Then the distractions, the other commitments, procrastination and wait for inspiration are all discussed in nice manner. The transformation from an aspirant to a published writer was also portrayed in an interesting manner.  The authors used a 9 month concept, they make the author complete the book in 9 months, something similar to the birth of the baby.   The way these budding writers love their work and the way they are wedded to it are well portrayed.  It also speaks about the way the hangover of the first book stays with the author.

There were indeed some formatting and grammatical errors, the book would have been great without them.

Nice book,  the book is of 32 pages only. After completing the book you would say it could have been a little more. Excellent message, if you are a budding author or a person who is inclined towards writing you might want to pick and read this.

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