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July 10, 2015 / subramanyam

Of Pulse rise,the Islamic State and Lalitgate

Pulse facts.

You must have seen a recent surge in the prices of pulses.  What are the reasons for this? Is India heading towards big trouble with pulses in the future ?  Here is an informative article on this

Narendra Modi government is aiming to make India a pulse surplus country by 2019.  They are coming up with various initiatives for this .  Let us hope that this would become a reality.  I will come up with another post with the initiatives of the Modi government.

Islamic State

It has been an year since the Islamic State declared the caliphate.  The west did not send its forces but has been helping the opponents of the Islamic State.  An year since, where does the world stand with respect Islamic State ?  What should be the strategy of the world with respect to the Islamic State. Here is a nice article on all this.

I hate the barbaric violence of the Islamic State, they are on a killing spree and this should come down at the earliest.  Let us hope  that they are brought to book peace prevails in the Middle east.

Lalit Modi

Till a few days ago, the media went gaga over Lalit Modi and the names he was revealing.  They suddenly had a change of mind and are now after Vyapam.  Well, why did they leave it all of a sudden?  What did the some of the media houses do themselves in the process?  Did they stop it because  a few names are bringing discomfort for them?  Check this very nice article by Smt. Tavleen Singh.

I am slowly being forced to believe that unbiased media will become a myth in India.  A few wrong people are bringing bad name to the entire system.  Thanks to social media, else we would not have known many truths.


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