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June 24, 2015 / subramanyam

Issues with NGOs

In the recent past,  the NGOs in India are in news for reasons that are not good.  Here is a personal experience of mine and a few other cases

Mission Heal

Recently I got a call from a person who was representing an organization called Mission Heal, they were saying that a baby’s life was at risk and were requesting for a contribution, I contributed close to 2.5k.  Then they were asking for more there was a girl who was very very pushy and was asking for a donation. They were saying that they had to do the operation in the next few hours and wanted money almost immediately.   I was like why are you calling me in the nick of the moment, incase that was such a major operation that involves lakhs of rupees why not contact me at least a few days before, or atleast a day before.  I asked for some time (few hours),  went online and did a check about the organization and found the following links.  I still doubt the authenticity of the organization.   Here are the links.

To me they were really really pushy when asking for donations.  In case there is another side for Missson Heal and if it indeed is a good organization, please do let me know.


Greenpeace was in news when Priya Pillai was stopped from going to the UK early this year. The offload stamp was expunged last month and it must have brought in some relief to the organization.  However, Greenpeace India is news again and this time too it is for bad reasons.  There are serious allegations of rape and Sexual harassment that are rocking the organization now.

Here is a link from India Today on this.

I used to donate money to Greenpeace (small amounts though) before. Now I am sad about the state of affairs there.

Caruna Bal Vikas

This is a NGO from Chennai which is now accused of diverting hundreds of crores of rupees.  Once the Income Tax officials started getting involved the people who were running this dissolved the NGO and have now floated a company.  Here is the link from The Times of India.


   We donot know if these bad things are limited only to these NGOs or if there are more ones that violate the line.  Now, when the Center is stepping in and banning some of these NGOs we can’t but concur with the line of Government of India. Some rotten apples are bringing issues to the entire basket.  Hope NGOs do a course correction very soon.


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