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June 21, 2015 / subramanyam

“Yoga” Aananda

It’s the first International Yoga day today.  Today the world is acknowledging and celebrating the knowledge the Rishis and Munis of this land have given to it.  A moment of pride for every Indian.

I never believe in having days to celebrate things.  I oppose these artificial greetings that get shared on father’s day, mother’s day etc ..  I feel that love of these people is always eternal and we should remember and bow down to them everyday.  What’s the use of a day(in an year) when we don’t take care of them everyday ?  Moreover, for the past few years these days are becoming more and more commercial.

Yet, A Yoga day is an exception for me.  The world is coming closer to Yoga with each passing day.  The knowledge that enriched the lives of millions of Indians has now gone global.  Thousands and thousands of people all over world are enriching their lives with Yoga.  These practices evolved in this land from times immemorial.  They had their dark ages as they were neglected , looked down upon and abhorred by the foreign rulers , their spineless stooges and the pseudo-seculars.  Some good amount of knowledge was lost and the research came to a standstill.  However, yoga made its come back and is today bringing joy and happiness into the lives of millions of people.  I feel we need a day to remember the knowledge that was passed on to us by the great men and women of the past. This day, let’s take a pledge that we would make our lives more blissful with Yoga and pass this on to the generations that succeed us.  For this, we need a Yoga day and we must take out time for it.

We ought to congratulate the man who ensured that the world marks a day in its busy calendar for Yoga. The man who came up with this idea in the first place and the man who is trying to make this a success is Shri Narendra Modi. The prime minister of India who begins his day with Yoga, proposed the idea of the Yoga day in September 2014. Today we are all celebrating it. I never expected this to happen  so quickly, but then it happened and I am happy.

Having said all this, I must confess that I am not quite knowledgeable in Yoga.   I know a few asanas that I learnt in my school and later during a course @ Art of Living . I too want to enhance this knowledge of mine and practice it regularly .  Hope the International Yoga day would be a good day to start this.


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