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June 7, 2015 / subramanyam

The Awesome Seeker

A moment comes, though rarely in our lives, when we feel boxed in our existence, when our minds force us to think for answers beyond birth, suffering, pain and death, when our soul long conditioned to adapt to the whims and fancies of the world,  shouts back at us  and craves for answers and the freedom beyond the walls of conditioning.

Many of us try to condition our minds and souls again and we succeed, one poor chap who could not do this was Max.  The Protagonist of Karan Bajaj’s latest book “The Seeker”, Max, let this curiosity over power him.  His journey to discover “Self” is the theme of the book “The Seeker”.  Here is the blurb of the book.

A violent encounter on the streets of Manhattan forces Wall Street banker Maximus Pzoras to confront questions about suffering and mortality that have dogged him since his mother’s death. His search for a mentor takes him to the farthest

The Front Cover

The Front Cover

reaches of India, where he encounters a mysterious night market, almost freezes to death on a hike up the Himalayas and finally, finds himself in an ashram in a small drought stricken village in South India where strange things begin to happen to him.

But are Yogis who walk on water, do impossible poses, and live agelessly for 200 years the stuff of fiction or fact? Can a flesh and blood man ever truly achieve nirvana? Max struggles to overcome his rational skepticism and the pull of family tugging him back home. In a final bid for answers, he embarks on dangerous solitary meditation in a freezing Himalayan cave. Will Max penetrate the truth of human suffering, or is enlightenment just a new age illusion?

As the blurb says, the journey begins in Himalayas, then moves down south and then again ends in Himalayas. As you read more about the journey, you would feel that you are curious to know more.  You keep reading about it so frantically and when you reach the end, you suddenly realize that this is not a book but an experience.

Yes,  you read it right.  This is not a mere book. It is an experience.  This is not a cut-copy-paste job where you get quotes and cliche words.  This book speaks about experiences, changes that happen,doubts that come up and the attachements that refuse to leave the seekers. The troubles, travails and temptations of the seekers were very well presented.  A lot of experience and research have gone into writing the book and one has to appreciate Karan for fantabulous job he did.

I am overwhelmed by the number of things that got covered in the book, yoga, penance, samyama, laws of karma,

The Author-Karan Bajaj

The Author-Karan Bajaj

castigating oneself for the bad karma, attachment with the near and dear ones, the way this turns out to be a block,  then the divine powers that come to the seekers and the importance of silence and service.  At times I was asking myself “can anyone put more stuff into a book”?

What did I like?  Everything!  the research, the simple English that was used, the style and most importantly the ending.  I read, re-read and re-read the ending to make sure that I understood it correctly.   The journey starts with man and the universe and they finally becomes one,  an awesome way to drive home the concept of enlightenment. A very nice way to depict “Tatvam asi”.

The way the author chose the plot and depicts the journey is just awesome. I also liked the way the author painted that vivid imagery.  We experience the harsh winter of the Himalayas, the drought ridden summers down south and empathize with Max as he endures it all.

Coming to the characters, again, I did not find a single character that was there with out a purpose. The author keeps the story centered around the protagonist and we rarely feel distracted.

I rarely buy books that have come to me for a review.  Coming to this one, I pre-ordered for two copies on Amazon.  I think this speaks volumes about the amount of liking I have for this book. I do agree with the blurb on the book which says “The SEEKER is both a page turning adventure story and a journey of tremendous inner transformation, a SIDDHARTHA for our generation.”

I am a giving a 5 star rating to a book. The Seeker is a book you cannot afford to miss.  Happy reading.

Note : I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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