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June 3, 2015 / subramanyam

Revanth Reddy, TDP and a few musings of mine.

Last Sunday (31-May-2015) was not a very good day for the supporters of Telugu Desam party.  Mr. Revanth Reddy, arguably  the most popular leader of TDP in  Telangana was arrested by the ACB on that day.

The charges against Revanth Reddy are that he offered Rs. 5 Crores to one Mr. Stephenson, a nominated MLA in Telangana Assembly.   It is being alleged that Revanth wanted Stephenson to vote for TDP in the upcoming MLC election and  in return he offered money to the nominated MLA.

The police and ACB  claim that they caught him red handed. They  have released the video evidence for the same.  Now the onus is on Revanth Reddy to prove that he is innocent.  If one goes by what the video evidence suggests, it would be tough to believe that Revanth Reddy is innocent.

As a big  supporter of the Telugu Desam Party I found it very tough to digest this news.  Wasn’t the anti-corruption stand “the big factor” that brought me closer to TDP ?  Then, when I see a TDP MLA trying to buy votes wouldn’t I feel bad ?  The answer is a definite “yes”.

Was the risk worth it ?

Now,  let us analyze this situation under the lens of politics.  I am unable to understand as to why the party was so keen on winning that MLC seat.  Irrespective of the win/loss of the MLC seat, TDP has got to sit in opposition till 2019.  In any case an MLC election would never change the political dynamics so drastically . Then why was the party so desperate? This is one question that I have no definite answers for.

What might be the impact of this on politics in the days to come?

A lot will depend on how Revanth Reddy Projects himself in the days to come.  The verdict and how Revanth handles the aftermath would be critical for TDP.  So far, Revanth is the one who rattled the treasury benches the most. (in the current assembly).  Should he come out clean now , he would make it hell for the TRS in the current house and in the next election.  One the other hand if he is found guilty, here are the options. The maximum punishment that can be awarded to Revanth Reddy is 5 years. Any punishment that is less than 4 years technically makes him eligible to be in the house after the next election.  The life span of public memory is short.  Sincerity and conviction can ensure that Revanth returns to the house very soon. That way, he and TDP will still have a good future in Telangana. However, they have got handle this cautiously , any small mistake now would ensure that they are out of Telangana forever.

Will this take me away from TDP ?

A big no, simple. Why did TRS put in 5 MLC candidates when they could only win 4 MLC’s based on their strength ?   Many MLA’s have abandoned their respective parties and joined TRS. If you are a party that goes by the good ethical standards,  you would have asked them to resign and would have gone for a re-election. This did not happen.  Then there are reports that more and more MLA’s are being attracted by the party.

None of these actions actually justify the act of Revanth Reddy. However, my point here is that while TDP’s actions (if the allegations are true) are deplorable, the other parties seem to be in muddier and murkier waters and they seem to have their own monsters. To me the TDP-BJP alliance is the best option for the Telugu speaking people.

To conclude, I only wish that all this is untrue and Revanth comes out clean out of all this. The hope is little but then the heart says so.  They say emotions don’t have logic and yes that working on me now. However, if he is indeed guilty he must receive the punishment as per the laws of the land.  Let’s hope that the truth triumphs.



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  1. shivaramsastry / Jun 3 2015 11:41 am

    It’s a planned treachery to defame TDP in Telangana, as if TRS MLAs are clean and innocent.
    As a supporter of TDP, Am not jealous on TRS but, ACB should do their job and prove these corrupted people guilty.


    • subramanyam / Jun 3 2015 3:25 pm

      Hi Shivaramsastry, It’s been long time isn’t it ? Happy to see your comment again. Coming to Revanth , TDP, TRS and the MLCS. Let us hope that the ACB gets to the bottom of this and gets the wrongdoers to the book.


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