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May 19, 2015 / subramanyam

The Truth about the Amethi Food Park

We are hearing a lot about Rahul Gandhi’s new avatar and his aggression.  It is good to know that he has come back as a more aggressive man after that break he took.  The country needs a strong opposition and having an aggressive leader in the opposition parties is definitely a very good thing.

However, I think that one ought to be careful about what one speaks on the floor of the house.  There can be categorical errors and one would see a very tough time if the minister has his/her facts right.  Rahul had a similar experience when he raised the issue of the Amethi food park getting cancelled. He raised the issue in the house and attacked the government by saying that they were playing politics of revenge.  Here is his speech.

The minister Ms. Harsimrat Kaur Badal had time till Monday to respond about this, the speaker informed her about that , but then she was so clear on the facts that she wanted to respond immediately. The opposition was making the job difficult for her by shouting slogans but she was speaking at the top of her voice and was putting the facts on the table. See  the way she was forced to speak and see the spirit with which answered it. She was being advised by another MP from behind, but she doesnot speak about that and tries to get the facts straight. You can see the strain in her voice as she was being forced to shout.  I liked her speech.  Nice to see that the ministers of the Nation know their facts and are well informed about the working of their ministries.


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