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May 12, 2015 / subramanyam

The bias in the media

The aim of this article is to bring a few truths to light.  This article is  not at all aimed at instigating people or showing a community or religion in poor light.  I am only trying to outline a few things that need to change with the so called main stream media in the country.

Few months ago some miscreants attacked a few churches in the national capital.  There was an outrage all over the country and media played a big role in covering the agitations.  There were debates, some said that there is a rise of right wing, some said that minorities are not safe in India.  Some went to the extent of saying that Narendra Modi govt was turning a blind eye to the safety of minorities in India.  Later the truth came out. It got proved that there was no communal angle to the attacks and they were either acts of robbery, were acts of the illegal Bangladeshis and in one case an act of a jilted lover.  I did not see many of these channels giving enough coverage to truth.

Now, how many of us know about the attacks on Hindus in Nadia?   4 Hindus were killed and did we see any outrage and any debates from the mainstream media?  I somehow did not see so much of coverage for this.  I merely googled for this and did not not see any of the big media outlet names in the first page.  I am sure most of you did not get to know about it from the National mainstream media.  I tried to search for this on Google and here is the link.

NewsX was the only national level English news channel whose website figured in the first page of google. Here is the link about the violence .

Things might change in the days to come, I want the media to change in the days to come. Currently I feel that the media is becoming biased and incidents where Hindus are on the receiving end are not getting the coverage they need to get. Today a lot of people (including me) have our doubts and think that the national mainstream media is not unbiased.  This is a dangerous thing for the country, the media is supposed to be transparent and is supposed to give an unbiased coverage to an event.  If people stop trusting it, then we are in for more and more trouble.  The pillar of democracy that tells it’s people about the other 3 would be lost and the democracy as such would get weakened due to this. Hope the media does the much needed course correction.

Let me reiterate, I am only bringing to light the attacks on Hindus only to make the world know about them, this is never aimed at inciting violence or any other thing.  We ought to live happily and we ought to wish that people belonging to all religions live in peace, happiness and prosperity.  Let’s hope that the main stream media in the country sees things in an unbiased way.   I know I am asking a little too much but lets hope that happens.


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