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April 30, 2015 / subramanyam

Attacks on Brahmins in Tamilnadu

Recently the members belonging to Dravidar Viduthalai Kazhagam have attacked Brahmins in Tamilnadu. Here are the sources.

The attackers who call themselves as the followers of Ramasamy Naicker (Periyar as he is called) are in a way allied to the DMK. They have done this sort of activities even before. Here is a case that speaks about the attacks they carried out in 1989.

Sometimes they do this sort of stuff only to get cheap publicity.  One such group also arranged for the removal Thali (Managalsutra ) from the women.  They claimed that Mangalasutra was a symbol of discrimination against women.

All these things to gain cheap publicity definitely sounded stupid to me.  I think the identity crisis is forcing that group to organize all this.  Ramasamy Naicker was an atheist and a rationalist,  these people who call themselves as his supporters claim that Brahmins are the root cause of evils in the Hindu society and attack/malign them.

I definitely donot get the logic , how can attacks on community deliver justice to the entire society ?  What is the mistake of Brahmin priests and when did they do any thing to get attacked ?  This argument is at best a farce and these guys are using it to get over some of the illogical anger they have harbored against that community.  I believe that these people have something against Sanatan Dharma and they believe that by attacking Brahmins they are attacking Sanatana Dharma.  For, if they are real rationalists who oppose any religion whatsoever, why do we never hear about them opposing any other practice in any other religion?  Simple answer, they hate Santana Dharma and think that Brahmins are the soft targets who can be attacked. Unfortunately this is the reality.

Here is an interesting article written by Badri Seshadri.

Hope these men would come out of the anti-Hindu mindset soon.


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