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April 17, 2015 / subramanyam

Some Nice Reads

Some good reads for this morning. Check  the following ones.

Varanasi is getting cleaner . Here is how. Check the link the below.

The power cuts are going to come down thanks to Modi’s policy on coal.  The companies are now stocking up good amounts of coal. Check out how.

Obama calls Modi reformer-in-chief. He wrote an article on Narendra Modi. Can you believe it , an American President writing about the India Prime Minister. Here is what he wrote for the Time Magazine.

Jaitley’s Town Hall

Arun Jaitley did a town hall with NDTV.  He took questions on a series of issues and gave answers. The topics included the Rafael deal, Land Acquisition act, GST, the 40k cr tax for companies, attacks on Churches and how communal fight was not involved in it,  Industrial corridors, his budgets, the lessons he learnt  from AP Bifurcation, the Beef ban , the Marathi cinema and all. Do listen to the video that’s there on this link.


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