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March 20, 2015 / subramanyam

13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck

We know people who are smart , who have a very high IQ and succeed in the world with the help of their talent and brains.  Then we have the extremely hard working lot who work day in and day out and finally succeed, but then most of also have a friend or two who is extremely lucky.  They, the ones who seem to be blessed by the lady luck are the ones who are always in the right place at the right time.  There are days in our lives when we too seem to be blessed by the lady l13-Steps-to-Bloody-Good-Luck-0-326x400uck but they are very very few aren’t they ?

Now, what if we want to be lucky everyday? What if we want the blessed lady luck always on our side ? First, is that possible?  Are there any secrets with which the lucky ones always have luck on their side?  What is the definition of luck and how did the great leaders perceive the idea of being lucky ? These are some fundamental questions that we all have, don’t we ?

The famous fiction writer of our times Shri Ashwin Sanghi tries answering all these questions in his latest book “13 steps to bloody good luck”. Unlike most self help books that bore the readers with theory after theory, this one has a lots of stories about the people who were really lucky in their lives.  These stories are fantastic and make the point stick in our mind.  Ashwin Sanghi draws examples from all sections of the society and we read about artists, generals, leaders, businessmen and people who made it big from various walks of life who made it real big in their life times. I really enjoyed learning success sutras from the lives of these people.

 I was always a big fan of Ashwin Sanghi’s fictional works, this time he indeed did great job with the non-fiction genre as well.

After giving the mantras to attract good luck, Ashwin Sanghi also gives us frameworks to use them.  He does something special in the end of the book that makes us remember all that was told in the book. I enjoyed reading this and would recommend this book to every one who aspires to make it big in his her lives. Do pick the book.


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