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March 17, 2015 / subramanyam

Interesting insights on Media, IAC and AAP

I was a big supporter of AAP and the India Against Corruption movement. Readers of this blog would have seen the posts I came up with in the midst of 2011 supporting the movement.  While I supported that movement with my body and soul, I could not support Arvind and AAP to that extent.

Here is an interesting video where Rajdeep Sardesai discusses the role of media in the India Against corruption movement. He speaks the way it was carefully put up together and the strategy that went into it. He speaks about the way the media supported the movement and how Kejriwal brilliantly used it.  Do watch the video.  Rajdeep moves from Hindi– to — English–to– Marathi in this video.  He however ensures that you understand it.

The intentions of some of the people might have been very good as we picked up the cudgels to fight the corruption in our country.  However, there were some selfish but very intelligent people who took the country for a ride. We have nice lessons from the video don’t we ?


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