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February 28, 2015 / subramanyam

The importance of the Land Acquisition Bill

There is a lot of debate going on in the parliament with respect to the land acquisition bill. Many are terming it as an anti farmer bill and are opposing it.  We saw Anna sit on an hunger strike for the same.  Here is a video where the finance minister is explaining to the members in the parliament as to why the proposed amendments to land acquisition bill are very important to the future of the country.

He spoke about the original act that was made under UPA-2 . He spoke about the loopholes in the same , then he went on explain as to why the new system is extremely essential to address the changing needs of the nation. He also spoke about the allocations of coal blocks and the auctions that run, then he spoke about the importance of creating buffer stocks to the oil companies.  All in all a very informative speech by the finance minister of the nation.  Do listen to the speech and spread the awareness, we need people to understand the importance of issues that have humongous impact on our lives.

Wishing him best of the luck for the budget 2015-16 which he is going to present in a few hours from now.


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