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January 21, 2015 / subramanyam

Strategic Response to Terrorism

Terror is a threat that can annihilate any nation.  It is important that we accept terror as  a threat.  We ought to accept this and then resolve and fight to prevent the terrorists from playing with our lives and the happiness of the world.  Well you might ask a  question, Why do we need to do this ?

Then think of this. Is there one major country in the world that was untouched by the jaws of Terror?  Is there one big nation that can come out and proudly say that it never witnessed any terror attack? The US suffered it ,  The UK suffered it,  France had it, China had its woes, Russia had its problems, the Aussies suffered their share of attacks, Germans are seeing their own kids joining terror groups, the middle east is practically torn with strife, the Africans have their nations crumbling with internal conflicts then we know what happened in Afghanistan and Pakistan, do we need more evidence to be worried about terror.  Right now probably only the South Americans and to some extent the Japanese are untouched (correct me if I am wrong. )  More or less every other nation/ region has had its own problems with terror.

When we look at this from an Indian perspective , we would only be more worried about this.  We live in a precariously dangerous neighborhood that has all types of terror groups.  The groups from Pakistan, say the LeT, a Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, a Jaish-e-Mohammad and many others who just want to wipe us off the world. Then we have the illegal infiltrations from Bangladesh, the Maoists who want to establish a red corridor and then the north east insurgents.  Terror is a real big problem to us and we ought to accept it.

Now how do you define terror and how do you fight it out.  If a country is using terror as a strategic weapon against you then what should your strategic response should be?

Here is a very nice video where the our  National Security Advisor (NSA)  Shri Ajit Doval speaks about terror, defines it, defines the Jihadi type terror and discusses the way in which a strategic response for this terror must be devised.  Do watch  to the video.

Very happy the Shri Narendra Modi led BJP government picked him for the post of the National Security Advisor. His vast experience is an asset to the nation and India needs more and more people like him .


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