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January 18, 2015 / subramanyam

Adultery by Paulo Coelho

We all crave for stability and security don’t we ? We want a good and stable career,  secure marriage and  a secure environment. We strive and achieve it in our lives, don’t we? Now,  what would happen after we have achieved this stable and seemingly un-perturbing environment around us ? The first year or two might go very well but then a small deficiency and monotony starts creeping in doesn’t it ?   What would happen after a third such year has passed ? Wouldn’t it be extremely monotonous  and taxing for us if keep doing the same thing everyday, every night with the same expectations ? Paulo Coelho discusses these events and phases of our lives in his new book “Adultery” . Here is the blurb of the book.

Linda knows she’s lucky.

The cover page of the book

The cover page of the book

Yet every morning when she opens her eyes to a so-called new day, she feels like closing them again.

Her friends recommend medication.

But Linda wants to feel more, not less.

And so she embarks on an adventure as unexpected as it is daring, and which reawakens a side of her that she – respectable

wife, loving mother, ambitious journalist – thought had disappeared.

Even she can’t predict what will happen next…

Linda has the life every middle class woman dreams of.  A stable and challenging job, a good husband, beautiful kids and a secured life.  She, however is not happy and she always believes that she is missing some thing.  What is it that Linda is missing? Does she realize what she is missing and if yes , how does she react to it. What choices would she make and what would be the outcome of these choices. That’s the book in a nut shell.

What did I like in the book ?

When the newness in the marriage evaporates , when everything becomes so usual and routine, when romance and sex become mere rituals and when we wake up to see the the same day everyday,  Our minds get worked up and then they would be looking here there and everywhere for adventure.  For, nothing kills a mind more than monotony and the mind resents and rebels when it is subjected to it.  This indeed is a critical phase of life and  we are tempted to take the wrong path here.  The emotions that make us commit those mistakes and the pain they bring in were very well portrayed in this book.  The importance of channelizing this energy and finding out some newness in an otherwise old ,dull and boring life was the underlying theme of the book and  this was conveyed well.  In a way it indirectly tells us that  we ought to make our lives beautiful and take the happiness from our surroundings and family itself.  This was conveyed beautifully.

What I did not like  ?

The story was slow, really slow. At a point of time I was wondering if the protagonist had nothing except sex in her mind.  That was indeed disturbing.  We know the protagonist’s name but we don’t even get to hear the names of her husband and her children. Now, isn’t that strange?  I also did not get the logic as to why the author was referring to Swiss so many times in the book . I understand that the story happens in Geneva and we need to know a thing or two about the Swiss to get a better view of the story , however that cannot be the excuse for bringing Swiss into everything  the protagonist does .  I felt that this was indeed disturbing and could have been avoided.

This book does have a nice lesson for all of us but it is too slow. This is not a book that matches Paulo’s Alchemist standards and thus it would disappoint most of us.


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