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January 17, 2015 / subramanyam

Young Joinees and the Global Threat.

While the world was still battling and was trying to come to terms with the ghastly images of the massacre in Peshawar school, it was forced to witness the carnage in Paris. Even before the French police holed up the suspects in the attack, we saw the Boko Haram burning down an entire town and killing 2000 people in Nigeria.  Killing 2000 people in one go…2000

Inhuman Activities are on the rise in the world

Inhuman Activities are on the rise in the world

people it is ….  can you  just imagine the amount of barbarism it takes to kill 2000 people over night ?  Disturbing isn’t it ?

I always wondered as to how people can go on killing sprees and have little respect and love for the human life.  I understand ideologies and brain washings can change people but won’t a heart experience pain when the hands are taking away the lives of innocents and are butchering billions.  What sort conditioning (brain conditioning) would actually let people go ahead and kill others mercilessly and make killing a purpose of life ??? This was a fundamental question that has always been troubling me.

I do not claim that I have a complete answer to this.  However, as I was digging a little deep into this  I stumbled on  some interesting insights which I wanted to share here.  One striking commonality across all the groups that indulged in killings and destruction is the fact that they always had teenage recruits.  If not teenage recruits most of them had recruits who were between 15 and 22.  Taliban had them, LTTE had them, the current ISIS, Indian Mujahideen and many other terror groups too are having them.  That brings us to most important set of questions.  Why do these groups want them ? and Where & how do they get these people ?

Getting teenage recruits is easy, yes, it is unpleasant but true. Getting teenage recruits is easy and making them do inhumanable acts is easy when compared to getting the same thing done with fully grown adults.   Remember your years as a

Ajmal too was Teenage recruit.

Ajmal too was Teenage recruit.

teenager, the changes in the body tell you a few things.  Restlessness creeps in, Ideals take over, we have a problem with almost everyone we encounter, a growing unrest and a feeling that we know more than anyone else disturbs us and the desire to do something big and assert ourselves keeps growing.  However, we do not know the ways of the world, we are very naïve and we think  that establishing a fair world is an urgent necessity.  This naivety and unbridled energy make the teenagers good candidates for Brainwashing.  The likes of Taliban, ISIS and other groups have been exploiting this and were brainwashing young men and women to join their ranks.

Why do they need them ?

Indoctrinating them is easy, these kids are in their early teens their moral systems are not yet formed completely.  Since they are not completely matured and do not know the ways of the world they can and will obey the orders with out any defiance. They can be brainwashed to have little regard for the humanity.  Moreover, they have age on their side and  are going to be long term fighters for the cause. Thus these groups want them and thrive on them. Sad to say this but it is these youngsters who actually commit the heinous crime for these organizations

So what do these groups sell to the young men and women to attract them into their fold?

They are lured with the promises of Humanitarian work, establishing a perfect world, promise of honourable and rewarding religious life, life with exact religious tenets as specified in the books,  positive social change, dedication to the work of God etc.  The reasons especially the feeling that they would be doing the  “the work of God” is influencing the young minds more than anything else.

How are they reaching out to them ?

Internet is the tool for these groups now. They are using social media very extensively to reach out to these people.  ISIS has mastered this and is using Internet as a powerful tool to reach out to these young men and women.  The UK home office dept has closed down about  30,000 terror linked websites in the last 9 months. (Source :: The Mirror )  Internet is increasingly being used to recruit people for terror and that is now becoming a cause of concern for the entire world.  The world mag reports that teens across Europe are being lured by ISIS.  Once they are sure that the person is under their grip they would make the physical presence and have the unsuspecting teen as a recruit. This trend is not limited to west and ISIS alone.  Some organizations like IM are doing it in India, Here is a news report that speaks about a self styled homeopath  going out and meeting students in the college campuses to get the recruits for IM in India.(Source :: ).

What are the Parents, society and  Policy Makers saying & doing about this?

Most of the times the parents too are completely unaware of this brain washing and recruitment. So they too are victims of this plot. The pain is more for them as their kids, their own loved ones are ruining their lives and are bringing pain to the family and the world.  The society is largely unaware of this and is playing a limited role in all this. The colleges are slowly realizing the importance of all this and are taking steps to control this . However, in many cases this is limited to damage control only.

Leave our children alone — The message from a mother to the  ISIS.

 After an initial reluctance, the policy makers in the west are accepting this brainwashing exercise as a reality now and are swinging into action to control the spread of this online recruitment.  In India many policy makers lived in the mode of denial in the past about terror organizations.  In the past we have seen some state governments going soft on Terror Organisations. (Ref: Check this one from Media Crooks )  Of late, some state governments seem to have woken up and are vowing to take serious action on the terror outfits.  Recently the Center gave a stern reply to NDFB (S) by refusing to talk and by choosing to act after the terror group killed 78 people a few days before Christmas.

To Conclude …

They say that the acceptance of a problem is the first step in solving it. The young recruits and teenagers are one of the major strengths for the terror groups all over the world.  Internet and social media are making the job of the terror recruiters all the more easier.  The world has been in a state of denial about all this for quite some time .  We need to accept that this is a big cause of concern for us and we need to take steps to curb the inhuman act of brainwashing the teenagers.  We need to search for solutions and make sure that we implement them to curb this cancer from spreading. The governments, the colleges and the people must walk hand in hand as we take on this humongous challenge that threatens the very existence of our world.


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