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December 7, 2014 / subramanyam

Is the turn ‘around’


The Young Farmers have it in them to change the face of India and the India farming .

For most Indians farming is akin to loss making.  The politicians, officials, the journos and all classes of the society concur that farmers of India are making humongous losses.  Almost every state in this nation has some sort of support program or the other to help the farmers.  We have loan waivers (the last national farm loan waiver worth Rs. 60,000 Cr happened in 2009) , MSPs and many other schemes to help our farmers.

In spite of all these things farmers remain impoverished in this nation.  They lose out to the middlemen, they lose out to the mean and greedy money lenders, they lose their crops to the natural calamities and they lose their lives to the never ending debt trap.  The poverty and the suicides are driving the young men and women away from farming and this profession holds little hope for anyone in this nation.

However, there is increasing evidence that things are changing.  Educated men and women are entering this profession and changing this one altogether.  They are diversifying into the allied areas and are making great profits.  Here is a man from Karnataka who is making 60,000 rupees a day.  Yes you heard it right , he is making 60,000 rupees a day.  Click on this link to read more about him.

Then we have these veggie farmers in Kerala who made Rupees 4cr last year and might make Rs 5cr  this year.  Meet these Hi-Tech farmers from Palakkad.

Another story where  techies got into farming and  are reaping huge benefits.  These people speak about scientific farming. A real nice one indeed.

More on scientific farming, Fertiliser association of India has given out the following success stories on its web site.  Here we get to see as to how normal people adopted a scientific approach and reaped benefits.

It is indeed heartening see success stories from the agro sector. I hope this spreads far and wide and brings riches into the lives of the farmers.  The difference I see in each of the cases is education.  Well educated people are really changing the rules of the game by diversifying into the allied sectors, tapping into the opportunities and bringing in innovation and scientific methods.  Their harvest is getting better and their knowledge is enabling them to bargain for a better price when they sell the produce.

Hoping that this tribe would increase and the farmers of India indeed make it big in their lives.  Hoping that the turn around happens very  soon.

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