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October 26, 2014 / subramanyam

God Is A Gamer :: My Take

They say that the two most beautiful words in English language are “Cheque Enclosed”. 🙂  We are all seeing the way “this money is making many things happen“.  If normal money that comes with so many rules, constraints, taxes and conditions is that attractive and making us do many things to get it, imagine what a virtual “no-frills attached ” money can do.  Ravi Subramanian, also called the John Grisham of banking has picked this as the subject of his latest novel  and created a gripping and page turning thriller that involves Politicians, Bankers, Gamers , Terrorists and the virtual currency- the bitcoins.

An un-suspecting politician is killed in the US.  The person who was killed was an influential senator who is perceived to be

The Cover Page of the Book

very close to the President.  Police and the FBI are clueless about this sophisticated murder that was executed with perfect precision.  The pressure mounts from all directions as FBI for its part is totally clueless about the murder.

A few continents away, Swami, the CEO of the retail banking branch of India is a worried man.  His internet banking system was the victim of a phishing attack and he had no clue as to how to plug the leaks.  As if all this was not enough, an influential banker dies.  Then there are scandals that rock the nation and will draw the top politicians of the country into muddy and murky waters.

Somewhere else in the same city, the leadership team of a software cum gaming company is worried. Their security systems are compromised with, their games are not taking off and their top line and bottom line are in the line of fire. As expected the leaders  are a worried lot now and have their backs to the wall. Will they have a savior who can get them back on track ?

As we travel back and forth between the power corridors of the US and financial capital of India we see and realize that these incidents are not mere disconnected isolated happenings across the globe. As we travel more we see more and more bad things happening all over the globe, we also see that these dots can be connected.  While we would be seeing, identifying  and boiling down on the person who has the invisible hand behind all this. Ravi would be introducing us to new twists and turns. The way Ravi makes us go through all this is awesome and many a time we would be tempted to skip a few pages out of pure curiosity and anxiety.  We would want to know what happens next, however, it would pay to hold our horses as every page and  every paragraph has important information that are immense help to solve the plot.

The Author- Ravi Subramanian

The Author- Ravi Subramanian

Ravi Subramanian always uses technology  in his plot,  he educates the reader about some technological aspect or the other with the plot of the book. He spoke about Cloud services and the way they operate  in  “Bankster”.  He dwelled into the  technological aspects in Xerox and photo copying in his last book– “Bankerupt”.  In this book he gets into many things, he speaks about bitcoins, their evolution,  the way they are traded, then he speaks about   apps, networks, firewalls and the business models that the gaming sites follow.  A lot of research has gone into writing the book and this book is a treasure trove of information.  This research and the lucid way in which the information was presented makes the book a must read. I respect and salute Ravi for the amount of research and effort that went into writing this book.  It was a great job done.

The pace of the story is good, the author invests the first 90-100 pages to do his initial setup,  once we have all the basic stuff set up the book moves at berserk pace.  You would never feel like putting the book down.  The pace is awesome and the language is easy to read . Coming to the characters and the way they were developed, Ravi does a good job with most of the characters, yes the book is filled with a lot of logic, information, twists and turns, but we also get to look into the personal lives of the characters  with good detail. The way the personal lives and the way they dictate terms to their professional lives was brought out very well.  The pace, the twists and turns in the plot and Ravi’s info and the sketch of the characters  make the book an interesting read.

Coming to the aspects that I did not like, I felt that Swami and Sundeep did not get the amount of space they actually deserved. While Swami looks like a character whom no body wants to listen to, Sundeep comes across as someone who is living in a world of his own and is totally out of touch with reality.  He too is pushed over and we donot get to see his part of the story . I somehow felt that these characters and their personal lives must have been given a little more importance in the book.

These minor glitches apart,  this is  another blockbuster novel from the quill of  Ravi Subramanian.  Do read it, you are bound to get entertained and educated as you complete reading the book. Every penny you spend on the book is worth it. Do read it. Happy Reading.

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